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The Best Leisure is the Leisure Among Close People

What we did, how preserved ourselves from overstrains, overloads and tiredness, leisure is all the same necessary for us. Dream allows us to restore forces and to be ready for the further actions, as it is necessary for the person. Having tired, we feel not so pleasantly, therefore we search for comfort in places where it is possible to distract, be overlooked, have a good time from oppressive, unpleasant things. It seems to us, that having received a physical rest, we have prepared ourselves for the following active actions. But there are examples when sportsmen were in the excellent sports form and lost competitions those who were physically weaker, but psychologically had overweight. In ancient time after military campaigns in order to remove quickly mental pressure soldiers were arranged orgies where a strong wine and maidens quickly helped them to renew forces to the following campaigns. To feel the real rest, there is no need to do what our ancestors did, it is enough to adjust mentality for reception mental fluids with supplementing partner, and any extraneous joys will not be compared with dual leisure. Entertainments is a leisure by changing of circumstances and switchings of thoughts.

You too, probably, know that it is easy and pleasant for us to communicate with some people, but others push away, irrespective of a level of culture and education. Socionics explains why it is so. Everything depends on our mentality - it feels "its own" people, who are relative in spirit, values, sights who will understand you in the best way, will support your humour to communicate with whom is easily and interesting at the presence of whom the mood improves. There are those people who together with you belong to one kvadra. We communicate with readiness with people of our kvadra, as it makes active. And contact to others we simply try to avoid, as they always tire, do not understand, do not perceive us. The reason of estrangement of the person in a society is an absence of opportunities to be united in kvadras. But to be united it is already possible.

Practice of work and rest in mentally compatible group confirms effectiveness of laws of socionics. Rise the mood, interesting, substantial dialogue, jokes which are clear to everybody and are support with readiness - all this easy occurs in the company of people, who belong to one kvadra due to their socionic personality types. By the way, group of employees at the Company "Socionic Technologies" is one kvadra, and all employees have dual families. And we can compare the previous life where there was a discontent of that were no people who understand and support, we know, how it was boring, how artificial was cheerfulness in the companies of relatives or familiars where we felt like strangers.

If to pass by streets of a city, vigorous street trade and a plenty of entertaining establishments is evident: cafe, bars, restaurants, night clubs. It seems, as life is cheerful. Is it so actually?

Tired of work and depressed from disorders of interpersonal relationships people aspire to distract and search for leisure and a relaxation through alcohol or drugs, or use different entertaining establishments. There is a whole show business which offers entertainments by means of music, dance, light effects, variety and certainly, alcohol. But thus someone has loudly fun, and another misses alone, both in the first and in the second case people feel after similar entertainments emptiness as if they have simply vainly wasted time. The problem of free time remained – they seek where to put themselves, what to engage in, they want to find something interesting, pleasant. And what can be more pleasant, than dialogue with the attractive, interesting person? But it is uneasily to find such person.

A complex of entertaining actions and pleasant dialogue with people of one kvadra can give the true pleasure from leisure. You see people gather in groups for dialogue, and if there is no dialogue among them how uncomfortably and boringly is there for them. Nobody aspires simple to drink and have a meal.

It is repeatedly confirmed by practice, that the high spirit and pleasant, substantial dialogue arise in group of people who belong to one diad and kvadra due to their socionic personality types, by the way, then is cheerful and without alcohol, because the alliance of souls is felt. And the common leisure of such people is the best way of restoration of forces, both physical and spiritual.


It is offered two variants of the organization of better leisure in existing entertaining establishments:
1. To group people on kvadra in one room for entertainments and leisure - in each table or group of tables.
2. To arrange people of one kvadra in separate room. Then it must be at least 4 rooms.
3. To appoint days of everyone separate kvadra. For example: today  visitors who belong to the first kvadra are invited, next day - people who belong to the second kvadra etc. To anyone kvadra it is necessary to select the toast-master or the compere who is a conducting of given kvadra.

For this purpose it is necessary for visitors to determine their socionic type.

In conditions of a competition such entertaining establishment will have more popularity, than others, and it will visit not only youth or thoughtless people, but also serious and intelligent people will not refuse similar interesting and substantial leisure. Experts of Centre of Socionics are ready to accept responsibility for definition of socionic personality types of the future visitors, and also the organization of actions of such show-leisure. You will feel correctness of definition of socionic personality types in practice.

At expansion of US-base there will be an opportunity to collect groups of mental compatibility for the organization of rest in any entertaining establishment. Send your data, and you will have an opportunity to feel on yourselves the pleasure of leisure in kvadra. It costs only $1. Definition of socionic personality type costs $7.

There is a real opportunity to create sanatorium of mental improvement and leisure in place where there are remarkable landscapes and river Ros, a wood and meadows. We search for sponsors for construction and cooperation.

There is a conformity between natural abilities of the person and activity which he chooses. Not everyone can be a conducting of a concert or the entertaining program, to work in show business. If you want to chose the best applicant for such a role, address to Centre of Socionics. Having determined socionic types of aspirants, we can recommend who will realize themselves in such business in the best way. Choosing beforehand the toast-master on wedding or other entertaining actions, address to us - and we shall help to make the best choice.

There are no bad and good actors - there are inappropriate roles. To play any role in the best way, it is necessary to be simply yourself in this role. Then the actor will not be exhausted, and will be perceived pleasantly by spectators. At new performance or a set of actors on shootings of film it is necessary to determine their socionic personality types to choose the appropriate person on each role. Experts of Centre of Socionics are ready to do it.

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