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Relationships of duality

Presence of a sole mate is essential for life. Everyone wants to have such an interchange in expression of thoughts which would include mutual understanding, support and help, in which not mere words would be important but gestures, glances, facial expressions, style and intonation, where words and reguests would be answered with required tact. Feeling of tranquility and protection, fruitful collaboration, efforts and work properly estimated all this can be real.

People who understand each other without any words, from a glance are two parts of one whole. Such partners know what is necessary to do for the other one, in which way to help, they find an appropriate ioke to ease tension and understand everything, always support, never hurt and never take offense.

When beside one another, they find themselves strong, brave in giving expression of their feelings, see one another as human, tender and thoughtful people. Duals attract with their enigma. They are inconceivable in their spiritual depth, they even envy themselves to their feeling of harmony, but all the same time hide it because of fear, as perception of such relationship is very rare as a rule, mainly because of complete psychological difference.

As a person beside can help or easily do things which no matter how hard you try dont turn out to be well done. The dual explains phenomenon throught unusual world outlook, showing external world from another (and because of that interesting) angle, notices things which you simply take no notice of. He/she feels need in your gifts and capacities and by this gives you the opportunity to realize yourself. The dual isnt perseive as an idol but as an important person.

Thats the way they complement each other. When your dual is present you find yourself stronger, more assured, skilful and safe. Things done by one of the duals are percepted by the other one as a performanceof rare assets. Constant amasement and approval urge emotionally, wish to be active emerges.

Self-esteem grows in such a relationship, one becomes conscious for the other people. The personality developes astonishingly rapidly in spiritual, moral and volitional planes.

Partners satiate one another with thoughts and feelings, ideas and attitude towards interests and values. That shows itself not only in communication but in behavior and acts. They feed one another with stamina and reduce mental fatigue. Owing to the dual a person becames calm and satisfied as he/she is understood, regarded and exactly what he/she needs. Interactions with your dual allows you to be not in need to adjust to your partner like in other relations. Dual accepts you as you are, in fact, he loves and esteems you for that. You feel inner freedom and independence. None of the pair presses, limits or restricts but assist to the other ones expression of the feelings. By the way, the promoter has no wish to teach or perfect. The process happens automatically and willingly.

Dual relationship futher understanding, the partners persept words, requests and questions correctly. The curiosity in the opposition defines interest in one another, thus it always attracts in communication.

Partners practically dont argue but if misunderstanding do happen it dissapears imperceptibly. In most cases it happens at the first stages of communication when one does not know neither oneself nor his/her partner. If a partner is in low spirits and starts to grumble the dual will not take it on his/her account and shortly one of them will be complaining and the other will be consoling. They will not spoil each other moods, in fact, the more they will communicate the more tranquil and balanced theyll be.

The relationship may be businesslike or playful but never wicked or agressive. People behave freely and easily, calmly, often impulsively, spontaneously.

Duals dont thrust themselves upon one another, they dont try to show off, they behave naturally and when they are silent its not a suspensive silent, partners simply undastand one another without words. Its easy and pleasant to communicate with your dual, it is always interesting, comfortable.

If they communicate constantly their mental state balance, the organism works in coordination, they supply each other with energy and that increase life stamina. They shun diseases which begin from mentality on which general state as well as function of organizm depend. Duals who live together have staple immunity system.

Partners become healthier, feel flush of energy and strength, become calmer, balanced, feel freely and easily as if in their childhood. Jokes dont offend as there exists perception of their own humor, the other partner jones even more jokes, fun goes on.

Duals are never bored with one another, moreover, as time passes they grow even more fond of each other. Even if at the begining of their communication they were not feeling some chemistry as they interact more interest and fascination appears which develop into strong feeling. The more they learn and know each other the more they are captured, they assist to each other development, thrust to one another grows no matter what. The magnetic effect becomes obwious when partners do not see each other for a while.

When one has a dual partner he/she is liberated, open for the exeption of internal information, he is not affraid of internal information, he is not affraid of showing oneself, moreover, he craves it.

Dual relationship is not only pleasant but also complicated. Although extreemes are attracted, these people are psychologically different so should check every word and deed as they are percepted right away without any analyses. Not mere words are important in yhr interaction but rather the ability to give confidence, and calmness to show loyalty thats why intonation and assured words voice are of utmost importance. Not appropriate intonation and agitated or irritated tone hinders both. Thus the relationship are open and fragile, people are most sensitive in this kind of interaction, partners have to behave carefuly, in order not to injure harmonious relationship.

For the succesful development of relations firstlyyou have to be interested in duals personality, you should have the ability penetrate, listenand understand. Secondly,it is important when the partners have share the same interests, life goals or common affair.

At the begining of life together exists a thought that the partner knows everything and is able to do everything but later it becomes clear what the complementary is able to do and whats not.

Thats why after a period of adorement may come a period of frustration.

Sometimes its difficult to see the partners point of view because of different vision of the same situation and when each partner keeps to his vision it may seem that one of them is counteracting the other one, although it is not so in reality. In such situationsin communication partners observe certain distance in order to protect ones personality. Thus to maintain harmony thoughtful, attentive attitude, understanding duals needs are necessary, each should excuse weeknesses, shouldnt take offence because of temporary misunderstandings.

At the begining of their aquiantance the relationship may be tense when partners wishes do not coincide, sometimes relations may be even crumble at this stage. The more the duals are together the more they have in common the stronger their relationship is, as the relationship envolve they bring interest, harmony and surprise with new pleasant discoveries, astonish with endless creative representations,assist to culture of communication and perfection of the partners as there is no limits in implementing gifts, talants and skills when in the state of mental suplimentation natural essense of person opens complitely.

Duals may do the the same thing but their inner motivation will be different. Doing of the work is accompanied with a play and this inspires. Permanent and necessaryapproval urges, sets on emotionally. They act agreeably, stimulating and balancing one another, changing naturaly their . initiative and that makes any work more effective and operative. To a stranger it may seem that everything is done without any special effort. It is realily more easy to work together for duals then separately.

And as any organism, which is developed normally only then, when it is maintained, in dual relations one partner maintains the other and then the progress is.

Such relations are irreplaceable in competition or at a dangerous surrounding, they are the bestl for creation of family. The dual family has the relevant value for children, where relations of their parents are positively influenced on them. At high culture of communication it is the most favourable and indispensable relations for cooperation, friendship an of course for family. Moreover it is only one kind of relationships which is suitable for family.

The duality energetically sates and equilibrates, it is an indispensable condition not only for successful mental, but also for physical operation of an organism. Only in dual relations there is a full mental, physical and intimal-sex compatibility. Here there are no cold men and frigid women, the marital partners long remain sexly fissile and haul a maxima of pleasure from one another. The duality is not a luxury, it is a biotic necessity.

The more familiar duals there are the more easy to communicate with the people of other types. 



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