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The soul of the Ukrainian nation

We often hear the terms: "national mentality", "national nature" or "the soul of the people". They mean the understanding of the people as uniform integrated living organism allotted by ethnic mentality. In socionics each separate nation is esteemed as uniform mental-information system, for which one the same typology, as for the separate person is fair. The essense of existance of each nation as well as a person is trying to the self-assertion.

Socionics discovered the typology of national cultures unexpectedly - description of national natures have appeared as two peas similar to the description of certain socionic personality types. For example, the English national mentality corresponds to a personality type of logic-sensory extravert (ESTJ), Japanese - sensory-logical introvert (ISTP), American - logic-intuitive extravert (ENTJ), Ukrainian - ethic-intuitive introvert (INFJ). The conviction in it considerably has increased after revelation of correspondences of interethnic relations to objective interpersonal relations.

The history of Ukraine has an example of positive influence and fruitful interplay with the Great Lithuanian Principality, which has national mentality of logic-sensory extravert (ESTJ), and consequently between it and Ukraine there were dual relations. The Great Lithuanian Principality had come to Ukraine as the conquerors, but the attitude to the domestic population was so tolerable, that just in those times there was a real growth and heyday of the Ukrainian nation. Actually authority was in arms of Ukrainian shlyahta, domestic traditions were almost maintained, government and legal proceedings were conducted in Ukrainian language, the cities had saved the Ukrainian nature, education, science, economics considerable progressing had achieved. Lithuania inreached itself by the positive influencing of higher Ukrainian culture.

Another conformation of national nature ethic-intuitive introvert (INFJ) and the feeling of duality is the recent example. In one of telecasts the Ukrainians were asked to choose a president among popular actors if they had such a chance. An overwhelming majority of the participants of the game have elected Mykola Tyhonov, known for his performance Stirlits – the dual of the Ukrainian nation - logic-sensory extravert (ESTJ)!

If the power spirit of Ukraine has the nature inherent of ethic-intuitive introvert (INFJ), it does not mean, that this personality type is generic in all or majority of the people. In Ukraine people of different socionics personality types live, but the spirit of ethic-intuitive introvert is novercal fractionally in each person. It has directivity to moral, norms of behavior, personality, his inner world and world of relation between people. And the spiritual attitude of the person of any type will inclination to the side of human relations, to the soul, which is boosted also by earth energy of territory.

On the basis of the testimoniesof reseachers of the Ukrainian nature it is possible to draw a conclusion, that the Ukrainian people are:


" … the Ukrainian mental pattern is defined by the emotional - sensual nature, focusing about "hearts", … the feature of mental structure of Ukrainian is tend to emotions, sentimentality, sensuality, lyric.” (O.Kulchytsky). The philosophy of the Ukrainian national poet T.G.Shevchenko, philosopher G.S.Skovoroda, who were ethic-intuitive introverts, was the philosophy of heart with the attitude to a world through love and condoling.


“Have you noticed, that the majority of the outstanding prophets, predictors, visards, have the Ukrainian surnames … It is not incidentally. The Ukrainian people in a magic ratio is, perhaps, almost not most gifted in a world" (O.Nyvko).


"Among Ukrainians there are a lot of secretive, close natures, hermits. Such was G.Skovoroda, I.Vishensky. "As the important edge of pattern of the Ukrainian spirit can be marked introvert, the sensitive directivity on an own internal world." U.Bojko.


"This patience, silent courage, modesty, caution, persistence from a selected line, the coldness in failures - is an image of the abode and a type of the Ukrainian peasant". U.Bojko.

The Ukrainian nation is characterised by disgust for violence and scandals, impressionability, delicasy, optimism, faith in higher force, diligence, aiming to harmony and beauty, interest by new ideas and possibilities.

Now Ukraine is in confused, amorphous state. A bewilderment and despondency among the population are reasons of instability in economical and political life. Comprehension by each person itself and calling, formation of elite, according to national spirit, both giving significance to a science and culture - only under such circumstances Ukraine can realise enormous possibilities. And, probably, the old prophecies will come true:

"The time will come and Ukraine becomes new Ellad. A fine location of this country, tender nature of the people, their musical gift, fertile ground - still will wake up." (I.G.Gerder).

As the mentality of the Ukrainian people is described by socionic type ethic-intuitive introvert, we offer you a brief characteristic of a person of this socionic personality type to know about the contents of brief characteristics which have 12 pages on the format A5. The full characteristics of the people have 20 pages on the format A4. If you are interested in the information, do not hesitate to address us. We are to your service. 



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