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Intuitively - logical extravert (ILE) - ENTP

ILE has feeling of potentials of an objective world - science, engineering, and production. He generates miscellaneous "crazy" ideas, quickly seizes essence of things, develops the doctrine in any field of knowledge or phenomena of life, tends to get to the bottom to plutonic, concealed essence of a problem on the basis of generalizing, reflects by abstract concepts. His words do not miss matter.

ILE feels integrity of the objective phenomena, has an inquiring mind. Everything new and progressive attracts him.  He is capable to charm by it the others, and in addition he can cite new ideas, understand composite situations, but also elaborate and embody them in practice. ILE appreciates his knowledge, objectively and adequately values others, does not take notice on authorities, stereotypes. He does not allow to foil scientific - inventor's operation, flight of thought, defends full freedom of creativity. Even probable negative consequences do not stop him.

ILE is categorical, decisive in settling own thought, overcomes obstacles and limitations, obstinate at embodying in life not ordinary ideas. The internal state permanently will be in counteraction, if somebody will contradict his ideas, matters, operating it can even provoke aggression. He presses those who disturb logical norms, rules, and legality.

ILE is sociable, active, fissile, tends to perfect his professionalism. He easily and without particular strain sets up new acquaintances with any interesting people for him, respects democratic relationships. The knightly qualities - boldness and courage are generic for him.

ILE confidently follows to the purpose on definite course of the own program, creates the perspective plans and realises them resolutely. He is attentive, can  listen and keep in mind any information without superfluous efforts.

He is very imaginative, impatient, dreams a lot, but having received desirable, cools quickly, as experiences for new ideas which are more interesting and gripping. He covers problem globally, is more interested in common regularities, therefore always throws away everything superfluous. He can choose intuitively the most perspective idea and having considered it deeply constructs the committed logical system and defends it. He is tireless, persevering, diligent, all achieves by own efforts, can work during day, skilfully works with instruments, feels quality of subjects and internal processes. Whatever he undertakes he everything obstinately leads up to the end. The most difficult for ILE is to relax and to have a rest.

Other people perceive ILE like a self-confident and self-sufficient. The estimation of diligence and frank approval of his work inspirits ILE. In extreme conditions he becomes more active and sure. He is the first who starts the work and accepts responsibility for its implementation, for his words and also for those who executes it, in extreme situations in particular.

ILE searches actively and elaborates economical methods in using resources (possibilities, energy, raw), exhibits and eliminates weak places, tends to not commit errors, superfluous expenditures and losses. Such economy of ILE allows reaching considerable results at the minimum of expenditures. He fulfils the job by accessible and elementary methods. At fabrication of production the most important for ILE is its quality, durability, convenience instead of beautiful appearance.

ILE tends to progressive operating, wants to be the creator of the best undertakings, searches the best methods, know-hows in the operation, in order to prevent stagnation, try to realise his possibilities as much as possible and to not prevent the others to exhibit their own ones - gives everybody a possibility to realise themselves. His own interests are not the last link in a chain. He does not divide the people on his ones and strangers, wants be useful for everybody equally, but requires understanding and respect for own views, aimings, matters, wants to be appreciated and even loved.




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