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Sensory-ethical introvert (SEI) - ISFP

SEI lives by feelings, constructs for the people cosy, favourable, carefree, non-turbulent atmosphere in everything, exhibits care of them, keeps the soul comfort, notes delicacies of human soul.

SEI is sensitive, the thin nature, feels and perceives by soul and body any chafes, comparing them with his internal state. In dialogue with the unfamiliar people SEI is a little reserved, compares the internal state to the given particular situation, searches of suitable intercouplings, and can not even perceive at once everything, what is spoken about. Therefore the behaviour of SEI will be always cautious in relations with enclosing, for he tends to do not damage the internal mood.

SEI brings practical profit self-denyingly, helps with readiness. SEI is sensitive, emotionally experiences and cares more for the people of the surrounding, than for itself. SEI feels difficulties and need and helps, even he is not asking for it. SEI gives with pleasure practical advice, soothes, is imbued with a situation of the other, regulating it. SEI tends to be reliable bulwark for enclosing, not having any desire to influence them, to expose to criticism or to try to change them it is enough to be simple behind. The rare gift of communion with plants, animals, and people is generic. Live comfortable and let's to live the others is a main principle of SEI.

SEI wants to have everything right now, immediately, do not postpone, in order to see at once the results of his work, to evaluate its real profit. SEI does not prepare beforehand for work, operates by an impromptu, relay on his quickness of wit and improvising, does not retried, looks for new alternatives. SEI does not exhibit the initiative, waits for necessary prompt from the others, operating instruction. SEI needs the constant encouraging, support, which is very important for the self-assertion as the personality. Having determined, he quickly fulfils urgent tasks. SEI is obliging, diligent, modest, good-natured. SEI is complaisant, adapts for any conditions and effectively works everywhere.

For successful operation it is necessary, that the work must be pleasant and nobody foil to execute it, and it must be also financially remunerated. SEI searches for the people, whom it is pleasant to deal with, and the team, in which is reigned cosy emotional atmosphere, hoping, that everything other will be added. It is difficult for SEI to recognise own incompetence in understanding subjects and their intercouplings, therefore escapes to set questions concerning these problems.

The sudden random variation during a day increase capacity for work, for SEI requires variety in a choice of operating, tends to have a possibility of alternatives of behaviour, relationships between the people. He is ready to occupy in any risky matter to give an exit to the rough emotions. The person of particular operating, skilfully works by hands, sees, what operation is beneficial, does only that which has practical result.

SEI exhibits itself best of all in operation with the people, in social patterns. He overtires, if incurs more matters, than can make. Having undergone defections, he is toggled to something other. At good state of health he is permanently in a good location of spirit, if he does not feel quite well he becomes reserved, alienated. SEI appreciates time, for assigns hopes, that the time will change a situation. SEI hardly perceives rigid systems, rules and standard routines.

SEI is cheerful, easily gets on with the people in any team. He is soft, obsequious, good-natured. He settles everything in such way in order to attract, to carry away and to baffle enclosing from global themes and philosophical meditations, retracts them in eddy water of pleasant, simple, easy dialogue, enables to relax and to have a rest with satisfaction, listens the stories about someone's problems. SEI introduces mysteriousness to relations. He can criticise the others for their appearance, thoughts, does not make a secret of this and will tell what he has noted by playful tone.  SEI loves intrigues, his nature is to be a humorist-satirist.

Under the advance drawn up plan SEI can be engaged in organization of any measures: celebratory, anniversaries, conferences, scientific caucuses, symposiums (though SEI itself is engaged in a science seldom). He advertizes things, people, but only in a familiar circle.





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