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Logic-intuitive introvert (LII) - ITNJ

LII systematizes, extends perspective ideas. He is interested in communal regularities. On their ground he cites the theories, and adjusts them. He abstracts from details, uncovering plutonic processes of the phenomena and their essence. He skilfully designs the operating instructions and embodies them in life. He relies on the scientifically justified theories in everything. He improves a system of production, estimates the acting program correctly and executes his duties assiduously. He directs the efforts on support of the order, even of strict discipline.

 LII is an analyst, sees a problem as a whole. Having deals with a great many of details, puts them in link with a whole. He perceives any work as series of consecutive, sensibly and economically weighed operating. But before beginning the work it is necessary for LII to solve all problems concerning the matter, therefore he asks many questions. LII always keeps his promises. He carries all undertakings through, overcoming difficulties independently. It is possible to rely on LII. He does not shift on others the weight of own problems, tries to do everything by his own efforts. He willingly solves difficult problems alone. Uncomfortable conditions in a group do not prevent to perform the job.

LII is constrained - possesses himself, inspects own behaviour, not allowing an inadmissible freedom. He is an ascetic with overstated demands to himself and to the others, restricting in all conveniences. He is severe, does not enable any deflections from the plan, which one needs precisely be to be held on and to be executed, made the others to work  under his plans.

LII makes conceptions, bringing together interdependent views on the definite phenomena. He is permanently in thinking, persistently thinks, tending to understand, to decide something relevant, as has a great lot of questions on any theme, which it is not always possible to manage with own forces.

He considers his own thought as the most right and valid, accepts any different one only in a case, if it coincides his judgement. He skilfully argues for the rightness, as LII understands and internally feels. If somebody say that LII is not right, he irritates. The feel of intellectual advantage above the others is generic. The managing position can break the essence of the human nature of LII, as having an authority he does not endue, when subordinates are more cleverly than LII, therefore he searches "more silly" ones, in order to be "cleverer" among them. If He has decided to revenge, will find the gentlest place in the contender, will not allow finding himself unawares. He reacts not only by words, but also by tone, expressive view. He considers the justice as his craft. He has enough developed self-esteem, which he assiduously disguises. He seems to be laconic, unemotional, dried-up man, who never demonstrates his feelings. He has not vanity.

LII lives in a world of ideas, know-hows, methods, rules, algorithms; the subject world excites him a little. But his attitude to abstract ideas and theories is cautious and critical, he watches by sixth feeling the probable deflections from the scheduled script of their progressing. He considers, that the commodity, which is produced, should have the particular indispensable arguments: longevity, convenience, and anything such superfluous, as design, shape, colours, beautiful appearance.

He loses mental equal balance at physical illnesses down to depression, though outwardly does not demonstrate it in order to not excite enclosing and to not charge with their care of himself, but requires a kind, soft, sensitive attitude. He can not care for himself.

LII begins widely propagandise his theories only after that time, when somebody will tell, that it needs to be done or, when everybody speak about it. Sometimes he puts himself in a stand more clever  than the others, therefore he perceives excruciatingly dependence on someone, in particular, when he is confined in operating.

LII feels contradictions of progressing of an enclosing world, latent defects. He can exhibit deficiencies in subjects, in the person, in society and show them in a definite situation, slightly in ironic tone, and in such way that the others also have seen. He criticises self-confidence and irrelevant rashness, does not maintain acts, which are not weighed and unreasonable deeds from his point of view. He permanently thinks of timeliness or inopportunity of implementation of operation. The saying the initiative is penalized perceives as balm on his soul. He does not consider it is necessary to run beforehand, on his opinion the best thing is to live quietly and calmly, and all other should reach in arms itself.





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