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Ethic-sensory extravert (ESE) - EFSJ

ESE is talkative, has a capacity to communicate and to any strike up contacts with people and also set links among them with ease. He use his abilities best of all there, where is a composite system of relations between people. He understands and appreciates the person, feels his mood and state, easy holds on to norms of dialogue, successfully sets deep relationships.

ESE is effusive, seldom constrains the emotions. The sensitive, ignition nature, notes delicacies of human soul. Exitedness, rough aspiring, development of feelings and experiences is a normal state for ESE. He can set new acquaintances with the people, installing optimism, unites them in groups, and finds facilities of influencing. He conquers the adherents by diplomatic methods and widens scales of activity.

ESE is sociable, grips the others by his vivacity and example and induces to actions. He maintains and approves instead of exposing to criticism, can understand, console, come in delight, to be pleased with successes of others, draws to the person, gives him a possibility to realise himself successfully. He considers, that it is better to encourage and to inspire the workers, to convince them of necessity of implementation of a task, instead of to monitor each pitch. He does not force the people to do something against their will, does not impose his own norms of behaviour. He is obliging, kind, encourages enclosing people and helps them to move to the purpose. He is generous on exterior signs of notice. He does not refuse the request. He does not accept any exclusions and limitations, escapes bore, petty guiding and paper red tape.

ESE is vigorous, tireless, permanently thinks, what he has not made yet. He is interested in everything, listen attentively, use any possibility to select the new information among the interlocutors. Though he yields on natural talks and on the offers of unfamiliar matter, but it is almost impossible to involve at once to persuade in unfamiliar, that is why risky for ESE operation, how many do not explain about its necessity, for he considers himself sure and practical in everything. ESE holds on to his own vision, finds the necessary people and uses them. He watches in the person his practicality, usefulness, can estimate them, for example, whether they fit the matter. He enables the others to exhibit themselves, thus some time holding them on a distance.

ESE is the leader, who receives satisfying from guidance the people. He remembers birthdays of subordinates and tries to embellish the work by pleasant trifles: he likes to give gifts, to make pleasant things to people. ESE is active, fissile, sane, mobilises in extreme situations. He wants to act immediately or to have something right now, at the same time tries to be in time everywhere. Assembles the indispensable facts for their practical usage.

ESE is conservative and in some way a conformist, is not capable to approach in a new fashion to this or that phenomena, to refuse customary submissions, conventional positions. He attaches prime importance to legible organization of transactions, schedule and internal order. If he does not see concrete purpose and integrity, becomes obsessional, tending to find it in the others. He is too scattered, therefore requires the others should have determined the purposes.

ESE skilfully advertises, popularises things, subjects and people. He comes to solution with allowance of human factor. Admiring by new impressions he can come to an agreement in any conditions. He perceives new ideas and embodies them in life. Frequently it happens to be initiator and organizer of rest, celebratory measures both different kind of occurring and conferences, thus constructing good mood.

ESE prefers Cupertino to competing and strife. He creates comfortable conditions for work and can not endure the conflicting. He forgives the people their weaknesses and incompetence, but can not endure insolence, roughness, violence and dictate. He contrasts patience to pressure, but at encroach on interests answers by vigorous rebuff. He confidently reaches the purpose, even if it is necessary to risk.

On the position of the principal routes attention to concrete details of activity by all entity, and the particular people as well.





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