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thic - intuitive extravert EIE (EFNJ)

EIE tends to maximal devotion in the activity. He is the author of new undertakings. He easily and without particular strain sets up new acquaintances, gives advantage to the authoritative people, tends to kind, peace relationships. He stands up in support of intellectual norms and concerns of the person, skilfully and eloquently gives rebuff to the infringers. He estimates circumstances practically and is assured of his own necessity - always is the first there, where it is necessary to help. He can not deny a request and permanently tries to watch over the person, and such care is perceived the others as an obtrusiveness, because while reserving of ethical standards he presents it in the shape of preaching, supervision, granting of the operating instructions, as admonition the others from any random troubles.

EIE advertises the people, subjects, and ideas. He is the pioneer of a different kind of occurrings and conferences, skilful lecture, ready-witted, cites unexpected hypotheses, designs and puts courageous expertises, induces the people to work.

When EIE acquaints with a situation, first of all takes into account probable interpersonal relations, which can influence a course of matter. He estimates the necessity of things or people - as far as they answer the purpose.

EIE regards with attention and understanding to a spiritual world of the person, creates pleasant atmosphere in conversation, can produce pleasure enclosing, knows how to convince. He subconsciously influences, treats by the word, convinces and admonishes the person of emergencies. He sees in the person positive and negative qualities, depth of an emotional state, "drills" by an acute pathetic view.

 EIE never makes a compromise in reaching the purpose. He is always collected, attentive, knows how to push up fighting spirit, to inspire with sure and brave. Being keen on search and struggle, EIE pushes new ideas. He does not endure stagnation and delays. EIE is ambitious, fissile, hardworking. The tighter are the circumstances, the more active and decisive is  EIE. He exhibits obstinacy, persistance, and capacity to work targetedly. It is uneasy to deprive him equal balances. The large considerable matter inspires in applying the forces and knowledge. But thus EIE gives importance to material compensation. If he will gain less desirable, changes a place of job.

EIE is fiery, dynamical, effusive, attentive, wants to have as much positive emotions as it is possible, knows how to be pleased by something small and to be content with it. EIE has rich imagination and developed memory. He is interested in unusual events, extraordinary people, makes up surprising stories, and envisions a development of events in time.

Before to begin to do something EIE is in a loss in a choice, as the internal vagueness results in conflicts such as to be or to not be. He tends to take possession by as large amount of information as it is possible to make the relevant pitch at a solution of the extremely indispensable problems. EIE considers that in order to prevent probable errors it is necessary to get ready for the random moments in each situation, to make conditions of safety for him and the others. Developed feels of an alert and hazard result in a state of mobilization, EIE even does not endure if someone stands behind his back.

EIE is frank and opened person, always will think, what it is possible to tell, and what it is better to conceal, for takes into consideration an emotional state of the person. EIE guesses correctly about essence of the person, foresees his behaviour. He sure that any operation is a sphere for applying efforts of all team, exhibits care of good mood of the people, heartens them to solve the problem by the best way. Doing something he lets the others to go away and places the personnel on right places.

 EIE is not ashamed of his emotions and does not cover them. The depth, variety and tension of experiences is that what EIE appreciates most of all in him and in others. He is capable easily to go into raptures over new perspective matter and to encourage to it everybody. Wherever EIE worked, remains the restless, targeted and artistic nature.

EIE appreciates his knowledge and requires respect to himself, and also objectively and adequately values the others. He sees qualities of the person, estimates their conformity to the assigning. His words do not miss matter. If he promises, executes without fail. EIE has not the reinforced tendency to money, but can speak or think on this theme for the long time. He feels, where they are in a sufficient amount and what kind of work can bring the money income without the special efforts.





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