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Intuitively - ethical introvert (IEI) INFP

IEI has an inquisitive mind, successfully operates there, where it is necessary to inculcate, to adjust, to improve the new designs and programs. He notes that the others can not note. IEI is diligent, his attitude to his work is serious, though he is a little bit laggard. He can be unsure in himself, without initiative, nevertheless at implementation of a particular problem expends more efforts, than it is required. IEI works more productively, when he is recognised, attached significance, extolled. If he works under guiding of the person, whom does not respect, by any way escapes implementation of task, for is difficult for him to feel uncomfortable state. The legible order depresses, IEI needs organization from the side. If the matter acquires humanism, touches deeply IEI is grasped by work: perfects himself in it, acquires professionalism. Time by time he changes an interior. IEI fulfil his duties best of all in work concerning human problems, easily puts himself in somebody's place, has a subtle perception of norms of dialogue and holds on to them.

IEI is provident - feels perspective ideas, plans for the future. He watches how skilfully the person disposes his time and how the time influences him, uses this knowledge in matter (checks up, rejects unnecessary). He permanently concerned by deep problems, wants to be competent and versed in everything. When IEI feels, that some danger threatened his values, becomes very pretentious. If he does not understand a problem fully feels internal disharmony, becomes verbose. The poetic nature, tends to self-education.

IEI reveals in the person not his capacities, but deficiencies, understands contradictions, which injure the soul of a person, his incompetence, unselfishness, negative emotions. He has the advanced nihilism, which at nonconfidence to capacities of the person helps to watch, how the person answers the purpose. He finds those who could exhibit perseverance and freedom in reaching their aim. His attitude to all conventional - traditions, resistant norms is negative.

IEI is the soft, balance, sympathetic person, who easily and successfully works with people in that case, when the initiative of dialogue departs from other. In familiar collective he easily communicates and constructs pleasant amicable atmosphere. He is fine-tuned under emotions of other people, envisions them. IEI adjusts relations among familiars, tends to the warmest and sincere displaying, full confidence in talk, suffers if he does not receive it. IEI does not refuse people's requests, longs for people. The best compliments for IEI are the calm, quiet, pleasant words.

IEI can adapt himself to conditions, which change. He is restrained, good-natured and close to other. In order to defend himself from criticism for the inherent kindness, IEI can behave demonstratively sharply and rudely, take an unshakeable position only to demonstrate the nature. The opposite point of view or difference of opinion with his judgement upsets the balance.

IEI exhibits indifference if the colleagues work somehow, or can not manage with a problem, but when it contradicts personal concerns and values of IEI, he becomes exacting, furthermore prejudiced. With magnification of a sphere of influence the check of IEI above activity of the others is augmented. As soon as he appears in a position of the principal - gives much more notices to  that which takes place nearby, not noting thus, that goes beyond all bounds of permissible. He introduces a nervous stress, when it is necessary to stage urgent operation, increases tone, in result there is a superfluous fuss and disorganization.

IEI nothing forgets and never forgives, but does not demonstrate it, keeping exterior good nature. He deeply experiences insults, permanently tells about it his familiars, for they compensate in some way his moral loss. If the situation on a job is heated, IEI becomes passive, gloomy, with sudden bursts of criticism. And this criticism can bear on surface bygone circumstances, which one does not concern the given moment.





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