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Sensory - logical extravert (SLE) - ESTP

SLE orients in a world of material things well. He goal-seekingly solves practical problems, overcomes difficulties and holds on to the marked plan, tending to do everything by own forces.

He is strong-willed and sure, feels in itself force, freedom, stability. SLE inspects his operatings and acts. He understands an authority, feels the right to supervise. SLE is mobilized worker, responsible for matter, for those who executes it, in particular in extreme situations. In extreme conditions he becomes more active, and more sure. He is attentive and observational.

SLE is independent. He can push, insert absolutely new constructive ideas, stage the order in any patterns. For realizations of the capacities SLE needs considerable matter, extreme situation. He permanently keeps up for physical and mental condition. In many situations he operates on a habit. SLE is an accurate and collected worker. He is a pragmatist, works predominantly in areas of material production. SLE is persistant in creation of material well-being. Any operation for him is a concreteness, it is necessarily for SLE to have great money compensation. LSE exhibits a great persistance, having experienced a profit of operation. It sinks him in matter and becomes a source of inspiration for enclosing.

SLE is a reliable partner, devoted to the operation, entitiess and society, knows in what the responsibilities consist and does not evade from them, even if it requires considerable victims. SLE has the special capacity to organize measures and carefully follows the accepted rules, is intolerant to those who execute the tasks without the necessary attention to detailes and delicacies, and also to disorganized factors and inadequate behavior of the thoughtless colleagues.

SLE exhibits reliance, persistence in an intrusion of any solutions, works on full force, if he has before itself the legible plan. SLE is purposeful, mobilized, aiming to an authority. SLE sets the law order, organizes legible operation in social sphere. He can render strong-willed stress, carries on a strugle with all impractical and defective and organizes patterns, which advocate society from any parasitic members. The military constrained force is generic.

As an organizer SLE is a principal of an authoritarian type. Administering, he skilfully applies administrative stress, turns fast screws . SLE can organize a legible operation, maintain discipline, order, cohesion, active capacity. He routes the possibilities, practical expertise on eliciting in society and separate people their competence. He tends to endorsing from the side, in order to all matters were adequately valued by others, to underline greatness and significance of SLE's matters. SLE need such a person, who would be self-denying and even idolize SLE.

He is a sober realist, passionate, has a high capacity for work. SLE permanently requires fissile activity. He quickly perceives actual, most constructive idea, elaborates a system using his own expertise, attaches to idea  the new shape, perfects it, makes it accessible for operational use. He is capable to create qualitatively new laws.

SLE assorts the facts, is engaged in gathering of information and successfully utillize it. In activity he searches optimal, scientifically justified approach, which carries on to desirable result. He does not endue delay and in implementation of solutions putting off them,  he is responsible for quality, gravity, and urgency of implementation of operation.

SLE is initiative. He does An alignment of forces in a team by the best way. Professionalism and competence are those qualities, which SLE would like to see in people. If someone makes an error, SLE demonstrates a true state of things, and if it is necessary he makes the remark.

SLE talently attracts the others in operation. He is vigorous, creative, ready-witted person, near to whom it is necessary to be ready for everything. The most boring operation he can make interesting. SLE does not like the exclusions and limitations, escapes bore, petty guiding and bureaucratic paper delay.





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