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Logic-intuitive extravert (LIE) - ETNJ

LIE understands in systematization of an objective-subjective world, lays out on components any structure, systematizes the phenomena, feeling their essence, constructs the schemas, polishes them, making more accessible in production. He takes into account properties of raw, possibilities of subjects, power potential, link and usage of the phenomena and events in time. LIE generalizes and logically analyses any situations and events, details disturb him a little. He sees regularities of processes in the nature and society.

LIE easily investigates a development of events in time. He can generate unordinary, "risky", perspective ideas of global value. He is inquisitive, searches actively the most elementary and perspective idea, deeply treats it and constructs the perfect logical system for it, attaching dynamism to it. Embodying it he uses economical, effective and accessible methods of implementation of operation, that allows reaching considerable results at the minimum of expenditures.

LIE is impatient and obstinate: in any case insists on his own opinion. He solves any problems independently. In order to sign the contract with the necessary partner he thinks over a lot of versions of different situations to receive the advantageous companion. Deciding problems with the partner he operates always under the arrangement, does not disguise intentions and plans, carries on a matter openly.

LIE does not recognise authorities but allows for hierarchies. He is restless, therefore the best rest for LIE is a great, grandiose, noble matter costing to devote to it the whole life. The words do not miss matter. If he promises will execute by all means. He always will do that work which he has determined for himself, and thus nobody should foil. LIE defends the full freedom in everything, is always ahead and it is very difficult for him to work against the own plan.

LIES understands the significance of money as a method for progressing and contents of a system of production, and also for sufficient material supply each person's needs. For example, he will not refuse the worker in the request to increase the salary to do not lose the specialist and to do not allow him to leave this job for a competitive firm.

LIE feels internal disharmony if he has not proper means for a realization of his plans, requires the fitting material maintain for all vital needs.

LIE is persistent and capable of great endurance. He operates successfully there, where it is necessary to implant the new designs and programs, in particular in a science, engineering, and production. He makes conditions and keeps an eye for fulfilling operations, encourages and maintains the initiative, compounds the perspective plans of operation. LIE orients quickly in composite situations, can get to essence of problems. He communicates easily on any themes, quickly seizes and remembers the information. LIE admires with everything new and progressive, is able to fascinate the others.

He considers the operations which was made are unimportant from the point of view of new outlooks, which one he can not refuse, for sees their inexhaustible possibilities. He thinks about that what should be instead of that what it is.

LIE perceives the life realistically. He is a born leader with feeling of heroic romanticism. He is romantic not only in thoughts, and in operating (taming of elements): he is bent to idealise people and life. LIE lives in a world of his ideas, which inspire to new undertakings at an intrusion them in life. He can not endue silence, mental sufferings, and troubles. He does not disguise the hostility, will not suffer, but by all means will tell about it.

LIE is unpretentious, with ease sets up new acquaintances with interesting and necessary people. He appreciates professionalism and competence. He can maintain business relations without ceremonies, which have tint of mild jokes. He creates good relations, but exert pressure up those, who disturbs LIE's rules of adventures.





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