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Ethic - sensory introvert (ESI) - IFSJ

ESI is polite and quiet. He understands relations, determines intellectual values of the people, feels their emotional state and mood. ESI is consistency in his intellectual principles, even if conditions are unfavourable. Sometimes he seems to be self-contained, estranged. ESI knows how it is necessary to communicate with people, but cautiously and with some fear sets new acquaintances, waits for some time to be certified in reliability of the future relations, whether it is necessary to maintain them. He always will give advantage to the person, accepting the information from a stand of his emotional state, as far as it will be comfortable in those conditions, which are planned beforehand by someone.

ESI does not allow interfering with personal privacy and in an internal state of a soul. The caution, restraint, self-absorption is generic, ESI gives advantage to work alone. He requires the working day should be planned beforehand and scheduled on hours.

ESI perceives things soberly and realistically, allowing interpersonal relations. If he refers favourably to some project, his patience becomes practically boundless. He tries to complete initiated matter, not paying attention on shallow losses. He does everything independently, does not wait for the help, thus holds down the displeasure at itself.

ESI is sensitive - kindly, with sympathy, respect and understanding refers to the people. He is close and sympathetic to a pain or pleasure of the others, comparing with own experiences, feels well their physical condition and is ready to grant the practical help at any moment. ESI influences on favourable atmosphere in team, maintains and heartens enclosing. He has a fancy, coming to the aid of other, so often that it starts to be perceived as something by itself understood. It is necessary for ESI to feel own necessity.

At breach of intellectual norms ESI exhibits intolerance to those who insults, afflicts, presses, bears evil, betrayal, meanness, cowardice, hypocrisy. Discovering such people, he boldly warns the others, for he acute feels deficiencies and considers his duty to keep morals. If it is necessary, he counteracts stress, violence, trying to subordinate and to restrain freedom.

Noting deficiencies in behaviour among familiars, or in society, ESI exposes to criticism them, demonstrating the state of things applicable to an actuality. It is very important for the self-assertion. Frequently estimations of ESI are too sharp. He experiences with torture any conflicting, works off own troubles and vents his spleen roughly on the others.

ESI can help in organizational work of a fund of help, be engaged in charities. With the definite purpose he can organize advertising at conducting election campaigns. ESI advertizes subjects, people, propagandizes interesting ideas, but only after he will grant the operating instructions with previously plan.

ESI is good in financially - domestic sphere, in particular has capacities in granting social services. ESI is assiduous and diligent, tireless executing laborious operation. He executes best of all particular operation, where he deals with things, goods and thus the immediate link with the person is indispensable. He tries to do the work quickly, wishing to see result without delay and to receive for the work suitable material compensation, in inexpedient matter is not engaged. ESI does not know how at once to show initiative, requires constant encouraging, support and prompt which are necessary to self-confidence.

ESI does not endure slovenliness, confusion both among things, and in appearance of the person. He appreciates those who are not obsessionally, modestly demonstrating appearance as well as capacities. ESI wears modest and appropriate clothing.

ESI is conservative in some way, as he can not always agree with innovations, and in addition it is difficult for him to refuse conventional positions. He always defends stands, in particular concerning material assets, and his territory. Therefore ESI perfectly understands particularly indispensable things which are necessary for the person.





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