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Intuitively - logical introvert ( ILI ) - INTP

The abstract thinking is advanced. In deepened meditations ILI mentally selects the essential and most important sides, features, signs of a subject from the unessential, casual signs, sorts out them and throws superfluous things, being sunk in concealed essence of the phenomena. Disclosing and analysing reasons and envisioning consequences he uncovers regularities of processes. A natural life state ILI is to be engaged in gathering of any information, to differentiate it, i.e. to split it on separate quality distinctive parts.

ILI accumulates the information, watches, and characterises events in society. He describes, defines distinctive, peculiar features, particularities of the people, subjects, compounds about this his own judgement, for trusts more to his own feel. He cites different perspective ideas, unexpected hypotheses and elaborates them, puts expertises.

LII understands the parts of the whole, comparing, confronting them among themselves, therefore he easily designs, upgrades and constructs new machinery, techniques. Having deal with concrete subjects, he perceives not so much an exterior form, but sees plutonic processes, which take place inside. At fabrication of commodity the most important for ILI is its longevity and convenience.

ILI is provident: he estimates critically the outlooks of production and commodity: how will their possibilities and quality will meet the requirements of time and will be useful. He refers to all conventional things as traditions and resistant norms with sarcasm. He can willingly expose to criticism for ungrounded optimism and self-confidence those who disagree with ILI or are in a hurry. Therefore he also has the advanced nihilism: does not trust capacities of the people and relations between them, feels and sees the strife of contrasts.

ILI marks out the good and evil. He has an impressionable self-love, but is dispossessed of vanity. He wants to get rid of own internal confusions by finding of such person, whom he could admire, then he tends to become better and more perfect.

Before doing something, he premeditates long and weighs timeliness or inopportunity of matter. He has the sharp feeling of time, can envision events and anticipate the others about undesirable consequences and hazard. If he finds a matter, which is up to the needs of ILI, speeds up events, becomes more active, more operatively, thus it is almost impossible to make him change his mind and to stop him.

ILI philosophises with satisfaction on any themes, not confining in virtuosity to attach to plots the picturesque colouring. He is bent to independent thinking, intellectual battles. The clearness of thought and skill legibly and precisely to state it is generic to ILI . With the help of the words he can show an integrated picture. He makes for somebody and something his own standard typology, that helps ILI to understand quickly the urgent vital processes and situations.

  ILI feels latent defects, such as undinamicy and impracticable things. He accepts nothing on a faith at once, doubts in everything. He sceptically, even pessimistically predicts the development of events or probable hazards and disastrous variations. Therefore he mistrustfully and critically refers to absolutely new ideas, theories, understands their contradictions and probable deflection from public norms. He permanently keeps up a development of events in society and compares them with his own scheduled script.

Before business talk he thinks over all details beforehand in order to be competent and to show the intelligently sharpened point of view. He starts to actions only then, when feels a concreteness and usefulness, will not do every things. He does not make superfluous efforts, does not force himself, as knows it gives a positive result not always. He permanently makes the rational offers to improve production by accessible methods. He can estimate engineering methods, knows their resources. He also estimates his own possibilities as well as possibilities of team with the purpose of implementation of operation by an effective method and with the least expenditures.





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