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Sensory-ethical extravert (SEE) - ESFP

The life elements of SEE are restlessness, aiming to be engaged in not ordinary matters. He knows how  it is necessary to exhibit himself in particular situations. He is penetrative, follows resolutely to the purpose, confidently overcoming obstacles. He counteracts strong-willed pressure and violence. He does not endure subordination, dependence, and attempts to restrain the freedom. He is courageous, rebellious, requires full liberty of action. He is persevering in reaching the purpose. If he has aimed on something, will not release his profit. The hazard is a normal state of life. The feeling of hazard often calls not an alert, but dashing stimulation to give immediately rebuff. He shatters invalid systems, tends to have the right of a free choice.

If it is necessary, he exerts pressure, in particular, when the tasks of  SEE are not fulfilled. He can sharply give the remark for the work, which is not done, because SEE sees necessity of this work well, and has already aimed to receive it right now. He does everything in order to see results of his work, to estimate its real profit, for tries to do everything immediately, do not putting it aside in the future. SEE is not the altruist, he will not be engaged in inexpedient matter, considers that all efforts should be financially remunerated.

SEE is strong-willed. The authority for SEE is first of all exacting attitude to itself and control by own acts, conscientious aiming to reaching the purpose. He is a leader, does not disguise the aimings to guide the people, feels the right to possess and to dispose of something using his own discretion, but thus he does not hinder the others to act. On the positions of the principal SEE directs his attention first of all on particular details of activity the whole organization, as well as the particular people, remembers birthdays of all colleagues and tries to embellish the operation by pleasant trifles, likes to do pleasant things for the people, to give gifts. Feels uncomfortable internal state when he has not enough knowledge of things and people, gather the necessary information through the dialogue, therefore he has time everywhere, sees everything.

SEE is talkative, sincere, sociable, roughly exhibits joy, enthusiasm and optimism. SEE is an energetic person, tireless in dialogue, active, sane and initiative. The vanity and ambition is expressed hardly. SEE understands  the depth of human experiences, is sensitive, sympathetic, acts regardless of own circumstances helps others by advice and practical support. There are no problems for SEE to find the necessary word to encourage or to console the colleagues. Loosening a stress, he side-tracks himself and enclosing from difficult thoughts, installs a faith in a triumph of life.

SEE is diligent, studies well, specializes, acquires practical skills and habits in different trades but, if he does not like the speciality, changes it quickly. Therefore he is permanently in looking for practical, successful work to have a practical profit. SEE can assemble the necessary dates for a solution of practical problems. He takes care of the people, really helps them. SEE understands difficulties of any situation, works stably, and knows, how many forces it is necessary to spend for implementation of definite operation.

SEE realises himself more successfully in activity, which is connected with communication, in area of social services. He troubles about creation of comfort, cosiness, considers, that the mood of the person is increased only then, when he is in comfortable putting. On any measures SEE wants everybody to feel comfortable, did not remain in the side of considered problems. SEE collects a great many of matters, at the same time tends to have time everywhere, ready to be in services for everybody. He easily gets on in any group, draws to the people.

While acquaintance SEE pays attention to appearance more than listens to the contents of talk: notes at once both deficiencies and attractive sides, though the information perceives closely.

SEE feels an emotional state (worrying, experience, mood) of other person, understands, knows and appreciates the person, constructs kind mood. He is the organizer of a different kind of occurring, holidays, anniversaries, scientific caucuses, conferences, symposiums (SEE is seldom engaged in a science itself), representations, solemnities. SEE carries out qualitatively any advertising actions: proposes, popularizes and propagandizes both thing, and people, can stage charitable funds.





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