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Intuitively - ethical extravert (IEE) - ENFP

IEE is an optimist, there are no difficulties and problems for him. He perceives the life with ease, carelessness, and transmits this feel to the others. IEE is impulsive, sincere, does not take notice to defections, and never complains. He dives into essence of the phenomena in human nature and society, uncovers their regularities, uses his own life experience as well as others one. He gives preference to the tested ideas and their practical applying.

IEE works on advance, does not taking into consideration spending forces and time. He demonstrates prospects, regularities, integrity, improve the doctrine in any field of knowledge, tends to get to the bottom to essence of problems (in particular humanitarian ones) or phenomena of life on the basis of generalizing. Such person will not do such kind of work, where he has no knowledge and skills. He is permanently in searching of alternatives. Coming into contact with routine situations he becomes thoughtful, sullen and gloomy.

IEE can work alone much if it is necessary. He is the skilful principal doing everything by arms of subordinates; thus he assists to make them feel themselves on their own place and knew that the success depends on their efforts. Filling a post of the principal he can realise himself completely, if nobody will prevent him. He does not feel danger, does not need in explaining the thought more exactly. He remembers any signs, number of telephones, does not make an error in names.

IEE reacts briefly, categoricaly, uniquely, values a situation quickly and right, successfully decides any problems, concerning a person. He is resolute, firm, decided, and persistent in reaching the aim, staunch in the inclinings. In order to convince other and to insert new he acquires as much as possible of knowledge, makes conditions, and it is almost impossibly to knock him down from the marked course, to make him to lose the balance. He feels himself a leader. He is active and fiery due to vital energy and vivacity, enlivens the others by animation and example can stir up anybody's enthusiasm.

IEE is a person of honour. He is a warm-hearted, opened, vigorous person, states the thought without doubts: says just what he thinks, but not that what the others want to hear. His words do not miss matter. He always trusts in indisputable success throwing out any conditionality. He has a natural reasonableness, uses an own intuition in making decisions, knowing, that the major result depends on people. IEE is possessed, positively charges enclosing, brightens up any activity, does anything with fervour and inspiration. He approaches to any operation with creativity, tends to stability, he is an opponent of alarm methods gets equal situations, arranges operation taking into consideration possibilities of the people and expedient in usage spiritual and material assets.

IEE chooses the most perspective people for matter. He can penetrate the person through by view, revealing his intensity potential, understands an internal state, sees concealed positive capacities, talents and prospects of their progressing. He respects and appreciates the unusual, talented people. A favourable surrounding and pithy mutual relations are very important for successful work. Communicating with people he inspire them with confidence and thus helps to believe in their forces. He creates amicable atmosphere and maintains pleasant relationships. He is not conceited, can excuse the one, whom considers being important and necessary for work, which he is interested in. He does not lose his virtue and never degrades the virtue of the other.

He is very devoted to matter and tends to a maximal high level of professionalism. The field, where IEE feels the necessity to the people brings the greatest satisfaction for him, he is there, where feels maximum necessary of  himself, helps the people even without the requests. He is talkative, without particular strain sets up new acquaintances, in particular with the interesting people, skilfully holds down a distance with them. IEE defends moral - ethical qualities and human rights, does not reach result by strong-willed stress and does not allow it to the others. He always regulates a situation by a diplomatic way, and if the stress lasts, offers resistance by drastic measures.

IEE does not attach great importance to material values, considers that their existence is natural, the main thing is to have the favourite matter, from which one receives satisfaction because can do it better then the others. Knowing that nothing is given easy, he is persevering, targeted, confidently goes to success and helps the others in this. He does not considered with authorities, ranks, titles, positions, for appreciates a potential of the person.





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