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Sensory - logical introvert (SLI) - ISTP

SLI lives, orienting on feels, which immediately influence his internal world. He has aesthetic taste, finely feeling beauty, shape, colour. Due to creative flight of fancy he can construct an art image, design - whether in a location of subjects, whether in selection of clothing, which would answer an image and style of the particular person, instead of fashion. SLI receives satisfaction from creativity. In addition he is capable to analyze, to evaluate and even to expose to criticism subjects, things, works of art, literature, appearance of people, considers, that only he is allowed for it, for feels itself by the connoisseur, but does not allow the others to do it. SLI reacts ovesensitively to the remarks, has vanity and ambition, though he recognizes his errors, but never apologizes.

SLI loves life in all its manifestations, therefore he cherishes everything around: constructs a comfortable situation among subjects of the room, searches for the favourite friends, favourite matter, acute feels, adventures, which catch breathing. If he does not find such things, feels internal uncomfortable state and can be lost in life.

He has the subtle sensitive nature, perceives exterior impressions so deeply, that has a possibility to drain with the nature. SLI tends to comfort, enjoyings, convenience, elegance in everything, both for soul, and for a body. He can quietly, carefree philosophize in easy, spontaneous atmosphere, among close and pleasant for SLI people. For a long time keeps feeling of uniform family, appreciates close people and friends.

In working group he behaves coldly, keeps aloof from the others, nonobstrusively listens, as a rule is silent. SLI is close, observational, constrained. He does not try to grasp into talks, which do not concern matter, refers with disgust to gossips and does not trust them. SLI is intolerant to slackness, slovenliness in operation, to different deflections from the marked course. He premeditates everything, does not make hasty acts, deductions, in particular concerning the person. He has a positive judgement about everything. He dislikes care and petty guiding, tends to independence. The major thing for SLI is to be the master of the matter.

SLI puts in order something in such way to have the particular assigning both for subjects and people. He constructs a maxima of convenience in operation. He searches easily for necessary for matter information, which is confirmed by the facts, assorts it for practical usage, but does not know what to do with it further, waits for the consent and applicable installations. It is very important for SLI to work with pleasure, without preventing to exhibit the initiative and restraining a creative gust. If SLI has not such conditions he feels own unnecessity, experiences, that everything can be managed without SLI, that his fefvour is not granted significances . Work has a vital value for SLI.

SLI executes only that operation which brings a practical profit. He is a person of a practical - pragmatic mould, who understands a subject-material world. He performs best of all such job, which is connected immediately to a subject. SLI approaches to work creatively, with inspiration and love. He easily improvises, getting used in a role. The main thing for SLI is a matter as desirable. The intellectual satisfaction from the work he puts of above money compensation. He should know the purpose of his work, what he should do and what profit is expected from SLI.

A conststractive design appears due to the previously collected information. SLI quickly perceives an actual, the most practical idea, analyzes it, attaches a new shape and tends to realize it in operational use. He understands classifications, statistician, calculation, usefulness of spending forces and energy at an intrusion in life of know-hows, processes, methods. He is a person of particular operatings. SLI needs a content of work to be given, and the purposes to be shown, only then he elaborates methods and realises them.

In work SLI coordinates the operatings of working-group, maintains discipline on his territory. He appreciates in the people their professionalism and competence. As for his own competence he feels it in the particular matter and when he has to do a great many of repetitions of familiar operations. SLI is hardy and able-bodied, accurate and collected worker. He has the practical sober approach to life both in material and in spiritual spheres of production,  has great skills in handicraft, everything, which he makes by hands he do in the best way. Thus SLI is exacting to itself and to the others, but he is not fastidious. Due to persistence and diligence he can achieve success in scientific activity.





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