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Ethic - intuitive introvert (EII) - IFNJ

EII is oriented to be useful for society, he directs his energies at  improving conditions of human existence. All his efforts EII directs on enclosing - exhibits an alert and care for them. Being judicious, he skilfully retrieves intercouplings between the people and gives estimation to their acts, behaviour. He draws a conclusion, having carefully thought. He does not accept information at once and does not trust it, having a habit to check up any information, always carefully referred to it, compares it to the vision and expertise. EII is engaged in self-education and self-advancing, encourages to that enclosing. He is interested in everything, is allotted by rich imagination with tendency to mysticizm, which reaches maximal force at premeditating abstract problems. EII is very imaginative, a dreamer, who sees miscellaneous possibilities, but can not insert them in life.

The softness, gentleness, tenderness, balance and quiet behaviour is generic. EII needs a presence of the person with strong-willed qualities. Uncomfortable conditions and overstrains course sickliness. He deeply experiences troubles and remarks, even when EII it does not concern.

EII is sensitive: easily and quickly perceives something by hearing. He regards for the person sympathetically, attentively, exhibits goodwill, sympathy to them, feels their emotional state, regards with understanding for mental derangement or joy of others through own experiences. If somebody do not agree with the opinion of EII about the working relations, friendship or love, he becomes violent.

If somebody has insulted, EII will never know rest until receive an apology and indemnity for the moral loss. He has a complex of a martyr. It is difficult for EII to refuse a request. He is very reserved, holds everything in itself, shows his secret thoughts and feelings very seldom and only to familiars. He dislikes loud compliments said in public EII needs a quiet admission. He does not take part in organizational and administrative activity but definitely is connected with it, for he has constant necessity in communion. He is capable to condole deeply. He tends to maintain warm, good relations with everybody. He is a borned peace maker with soft, balance and quiet behaviour. EII is keen, tactful and considerate. EII is a creative personality, fruitfully works, though in some way he is conservative, for tries to keep traditions and order. He tends to stability in work and life.

He adjusts pleasant, kind relations, guides and improves them. He is a born psychologist, humanist. He skilfully behaves with people, helps to determine the purpose of business relations. EII uses his capacities best of all in the sphere of a composite system of relations between people. He understands and tends to maintain moral-cultural values of enclosing, knows how to keep emotional comfort in dialogue and permanently requires it. Communicating with somebody closely looks at him, diving in his internal world. EII does not insult, keeps kind human relationships and envisions their progressing. EII directs his attention to ethics of love: peaceable disposition, humanity, delicacy, sympathy and love. He is devoted to his internal ideals. He does not stint his praise.

The internal culture grounded on an understanding of a spiritual world of a person, EII sees concealed traits, possibilities, feels emotional showings, reacts keenly and skilfully manipulates them. If someone needs condoling he never remains at the side.

EII easily collects and treats any information, in particular about the person, works carefully with archive materials, remembers names, titles very well. He works permanently do not inflecting the previously marked plan, for it beats him out from a track. He legibly plans, organizes work concerning collecting any information, he is an erudite wants to know, to cover everything.

 EII appreciates the order and accuracy, exhibits exclusive devotion by the obligation, taken on himself, will not comfort yet will not complete initiated matter, feels the internal responsibility for implementation of that work, which II have granted. He is diligent and reliable. The style of life differs by the order, regularity and measured.

EII has heightened perception, envisions events, feels perspectives of relations and adjusts them. He is constrained enough during the conflicting and better then others has a presentiment, when it just matures. EII maintains harmony of relations within working groups, tends to humanism.





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