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Logic - sensory extravert (LSE) - ETSJ

LSE feels shortcomings, dissents and the disability of any system and improves it. He can explain intelligibly and construct a system of organization of transactions.

LSE is tireless in work. But to realise itself by the best image he requires the explaining concerning the purpose and essence of operation, which will show a communal integrated essence. Working with particular things, he qualitatively organizes work, constructs favourable conditions for its implementation, mobilizes, maintains discipline, order. LSE is exacting, inspects a course of operation, attaching thus independence to each worker. He allows showing initiative and deprives the person of the superfluous liability for control. He is attracted by such operation, which will bring the income, searches for the optimal alternatives to realise it in the shortest period.

LSE is the accurate and collected worker. He use resources economically, does not risk. He understands usefulness and significance of this or that matter as well as spending forces and energy. LSE implants designed, lead up to perfection commodity in production. He tries to eliminate chaos and constructs in society a possibility for function stable, governed market. He exhibits a high level of professionalism and competence. LSE works diligently, tries to execute the work thoroughly, grinding each detail, attracts not only a result, but a process too. Executing a primary task, he relies on a timely beginning and persistence. LSE holds on to the order at the job and home, tries to find for each thing its own place. Everything, what undertakes LSI, is possible, and he quickly reaches good results. He seems from the side to be self-confident and self-sufficing. LSE likes frank endorsing of his work, takes offence, if his diligence is not valued.

LSE is obstinate - he silently, without exception keeps his own stands, can make in defiance even to a beforehand stipulated solution, break up the co-ordinated operating, sometimes illogically. He always skilfully demonstrates his rightness, even if he makes an error. LSE is initiative, decisive, opened and artless, boldly defends and advocates his concerns and design ideas. He is not afraid of guiding, sometimes even can be aggressive. LSE is bent to the straight and opened expression of own views that can lead sometimes to disputes. He performs the job better there, where it is necessary the full independence in making decision. He is hardy, persistent, able-bodied, if there is a material interest. He legibly feels and holds on to a subordination, knows how as well as to whom it is necessary to convert.

LSE is fastidious and pretentious, it is not easy to please him in something. If he does not legibly determine the purpose for itself, is atomised, wishing to have time to make everything at once, but has not time, is nervous, accuses the others.

LSE is a realist, has resistant world outlook and is true to his own views. He is severe for the others  but not for itself. LSE not always listens to thought of subordinates or those who has no sufficient proficiency. He is patient - can be silent, he is stable to suffer physical and intellectual sufferings, troubles. Even when the situation requires to struggle with something offensive, undesirable, he will keep to suffer and thus to feel large hostility to someone or to something, but up to that time, yet will work out his bad temper on the others.  Then he cardinally decides a situation once and forever.

LSE is observational and attentive, permanently requires activity. The people with pleasant appearance, tidy, physically hitched, healthy body and spirit attract him. He gives notice to prestigious appearance, and also physical dates. LSE does not endure in others slackness in operation. He has the practical approach to life both in material and in spiritual areas.

If LSE has an authority, attaches repeatability, reliance, order in operation. He tends to charitable matter, tutorship, and intercession. The authority of LSE is not a violence, it represents confidence, entrainment, love.





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