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Whom to Elect on the Managing Position

The choice of the challenger on the managing position is very responsible and determinant. Socionics uniquely worns: for successful activity the managing position should be set only the extravert person.

Extraverts on the Managing Position

It is naturally to be leading, principals, directors for the extravert people. No matter what such principal is engaged in, he will work always on advance, regardless of spending efforts and time.

Extraverts feel the responsibility for themselves, for their words, for the people, whom they work with and for the matter, which they serve and do it with pleasure. In full understanding of this word everywhere incur the responsibility. The concept "obligation" associates with concept "punishment". They are first who undertake matter, accept responsibility for its implementation, for those who executes it, in particular in extreme situations. In extreme conditions extraverts become more active and more sure. As a rule they inspire the others by their revitalizing and example, actuate a group due to the creative capacities induce the people to work. They consider that it is better to encourage and to inspire subordinates, to convince them of necessity of implementation of a task instead of controling each step. They are good organizers: they can do a matter by their subordinates' arms, and feel themselves in their own place knowing, that the success depends on their efforts. They always accept a person what he is, and do not change him, appreciating individuality and personality of each person. They are initiative, search for the people with organizing capacities and objective vision of a world to insert the ideas in life. They realise they own possibilities as much as possible, and do not prevent others to show their ones. They give everybody a possibility to realise themselves.

They internally protest when are in a subordinate position and do not accept it.

They are sure of their operatings, value a reality of an surrounding world correctly and objective. If the worker does not manage a task dismiss him without any doubting. They skilfully apply administrative presure. They do not close a circle of concerns on themselves, tend to progressive operatings, want to be the creators of own undertakings, search in their work for the best methods and know-hows in order to prevent stagnation.

Extraverts take out for discussion internal conflicts and collective confusions. They do not hesitate of rough emotions, sharp words, which one be sometimes even unfair, but in result benefit to a common matter. The conflict thus is decided and there are premises for quality transferring to a new stage of progressing. The internal state permanently will be in counteraction if somebody will contradict their ideas and actions, it even can cause aggression.

They are born leaders, therefore only on the position of a principal can realise themselves completely, thus it is necessary that nobody foiled them. Otherwise there should be an arrangement on boundaries of independence concerning realization of the creativity.

Introverts on the Managing Position

Introverts play not the last role in a group, but they are not cited and do not cite others on the managing positions, take position of "golden mean". They do not tend to lead, yet will not be invited, or will not be recollected, that they are necessary, do not feel such necessity and will not resemble of themselves. They do not differ neither as a front-rank workers, nor as lagging ones, do not like the responsibility and competitiveness, if they are initiative they are so only on their territory and among familiars. Word "responsibility" results in horror, is perceived as a burden. When they imagine, that it will be necessary to answer personally for someone or for something, start to panic. Therefore they feel quieter carrying out obligations doing this without straining themselves, following instructions. Thus they have their own particular obligations and report for them.

Introverts depart on a background, do not make superfluous efforts above themselves, do not force themselves, as know it gives a positive result not always. They feel more quietly there, where can help someone, remaining thus in a shadow, for they are selfcontained by the nature. They are permanently not assured of their operatings, can not independently accept solutions, for do not value practically and objectively surrounding world.

On the managing position they cover their inherent kindness, can behave demonstratively sharply, become compromiseless to show the nature which is not inherent in them. But they suffer from it. If they set a managing position, subordinate everybody to themselves. They even become violent if people in working group disagree with their judgement on working relationships and discuss openly deficiencies in matters.

Introverts will accept the position of the principal under conditions, if they will be put forward or will be invited. They are unable to refuse, get used and can not give up this position, thinking, that they have noticed and evaluated. Having agreed they will put the end of their quiet life and all burden of responsibility will put to their shoulders, that will result in cardinal changes, in breaking mentality, in internal disorganization. The comfortable relations in collective will be lost, there will be an allocation of workers on "mine" and not mine. "Mine are those bootlickers who have well set up, and in their mind can have absolutely another.

Besides they try to do everything to make the subordinate organization marked out by nothing. They can extol themselves, but do not give possibilities to distinquish themselves to others. More over, they make unfavorable conditions for work and creativity to those who differs. On the managing position they brake process of an intrusion of perspective and progressive undertakings and transformings, for they value circumstances, events, situations, people from a stand of their own vision, according to the internal perception of an environment. And as result the problems are not solved and they becomes ever more and more.

It is desirable the introverts do not occupy the managing position, as they do not differ by the responsibility, activity, by initiative in activity and at guiding lose skill to communicate correctly with people.

As each person can realise himself best of all only due to his strengths, it is necessary to know own inherent qualities and chose that matter and position, where it is possible to realise fully the possibilities to bring the greatest use to himself and people. 



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