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Books are the Property of Human Life

Scientific-Enlightenment Institute Socionic Technologies is going for the edition 2 books of a trilogy About Socionics and People. The first book "Find the Harmony in Life" is on sale. It is enable to place your advertising.

On questions of purchase of books it is possible to address directly to SEI Socionic Technologies . Wholesale orders are accepted.

In theese books there are described not only the theory of socionics and new discoverings and developments, but the condition of the person in a society, his world outlook, problems, ways of their solution, a condition of the society and the reasons which result in different disorders is analyzed. There are shown a role of socionics in the decision of many problems of a person and a society, how to remove persons on a new, worthy level, to give him more value in a society. Summaries of each of books are given below. 

The book 1 Find a harmony in life
Books unite people, you see therefrom speak souls, uniting us in Uniform. What we are without them?
What for is this book? To live easier and more pleasant. To be improved by soul, to become independent and self-assured. It is for those who aspires to learn themselves and others, who constantly is in search of self-improvement, creative disclosing of the person, who does not want to lose himself in rough whirlpool of life, who is not indifferent and does not remain away from all events.
New science socionics as the first step of knowledge of yourself and the prediction of relationships with others will help you in life. It should be considered in all fairness that it is a basis of mentally healthy life of each person irrespective of a social status, a nationality, a level of development, education.
Having gone deep in books of a serial Socionics about essence of the person you will carry away with laws of socionics for their practical use both in everyday life of everyone, and for experts who deal with people.
In the first book is emotionally, simply and clearly explained the necessity to know own socionic personality type to learn itself, to know the strong and weak sides of mentality, to choose correctly a trade, to not make the wrong choice of friends, partners, the partner in life. Having better learnt yourself, you can avoid many mistakes. There are no miracles - there is only a knowledge.
The main idea of the book is a dual human nature, aspiration of his soul to duality for full realization of the personality and protection of weak sides. Law of interpersonal relationships, the reasons of loneliness, conflicts, stresses, overcoming of problems of family, parents and children are opened. Art of dialogue, a way from public stereotypes to freedom to live, think, create is shown. Certainly, socionics is a science for life, but not the life. But everyone cannot do without socionics any more in life. You will convinced of it too, not only having read books, but having felt its laws on yourselves due to determine your personality type.
Socionics opens a way to harmony with yourself and the world.
The book 2 Socionics for Psychologist
In this book are described in details the problems of psychology, each mental quality is analyzed from the point of view of psychology and socionics. Socionics gives new necessary knowledge to psychology, fills its blanks, shows and explains the certain discrepancies, provide a reader with opportunity to study mentality of the person completely, knowing its basis the structure. Here is described the 8-functional model of mentality of the person, its functioning, process of an information and power exchange, all mental attributes dichotomies, the essence of dualization is theoretically proved, the law of compatibility explaines. New discoveries which supplement knowledge of temperament and other mental qualities are given.
Knowledge of structure of mentality will give productivity and practical use in work of each psychologist, an opportunity to make the correct conclusions concerning displays and functioning of different mental qualities. Only the common efforts and on equal it is possible to render the effective help to each separate person. Socionics is not only the theory, it proves to be true by real practical results. Researches in socionics open law of mental processes, foresee constant reactions and consequently enable to predict behaviour in different situations. Knowing the socionic personality type everyone can understand the contents of this science more deeply.
This book is especially useful for practical psychologist.
The book 3: Socionics for a society and sciences
From this book you will find out about advantage and opportunities of socionics not only in life of each separate person and preservation of his health, but also in social, economic and educational areas. Its influence on a politics and development of a society is analysed. There are thrown light upon dark stains in philosophy, sociology, pedagogics, psychology, done the comparative analysis socionics and astrologies, esoterics and religions. Here are discovered laws of socion, described socionic organization, how to form effective and comfortable groups where everyone will work with full creative feedback and receive satisfaction and pleasure from work.
The new science creates new consciousness the consciousness of common sense and a healthy way of life, those who applies it, receive in everything new quality. Attempts to provide the future practical application of socionics in human life and society, construction harmonious conflictfree human community on the basis of use of natural laws of interpersonal interactions - these and much other useful things you will find here. 



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