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Benefit of Socionics

Usage of socionics enables to decide problems and to satisfy the needs, to reach harmony. It is not enough even to have knowledge, it is necessary to have the need in usage of this knowledge. The improvement is possible only under condition of variation of vision from time to time. The person becomes conservative and inert because of reluctance to do changes, because of uncritical acceptance of public thought, and also because of uncertainty that the new knowledge will be suitable to life. And because of ignorance there are superfluous problems which can be avoided. 

For each person
Socionics is for those who wants to determine their place in public life, to save of superfluous problems in family, at job, in a housekeeping, who are troubled of unsolved vital problems, uncertainty in itself and in own actions.
Besides socionics allows to understand and to learn life more deeply, completely, to clear up concealed motives of human acts, to forecast behavior of the people, to foresee relations, to distinguish own qualities, possibilities as well as others ones.
Having determined the mental-information genetic code (the socionic personality type) it is possible:
- To learn ourselves through disclosure of an inherent potential, individuality; to exhibit the qualities of nature, capacity, possibilities, talents, calling etc;
- To estimate objectively the strong and weak features;
- To develop the personality;
- To get out of complexes of inferiority and imaginary fears and, accordingly, limitations;
- To be self-assured and to have an own stand;
- To defend own concerns;
- To act conscientiously and estimate objectively the behavior;
- To choose a comfortable surrounding: the friends, familiars, partners;
- To foresee relations;
- To make a harmony family;
- To choose a trade correctly according to natural capacities;
- To achieve success.
In public life the usage of the laws of socionics results in:
- Self-advancing of each personality and realization it in society;
- The improving of the culture of communication, respect for the person;
- Deliverance from slavish dependence in behavior and expression of own thoughts;
- Avoidance of psychosomatic illnesses;
- Solution of a problem of difficult children;
- Warning of crimes;
- Fostering a solution of a problem of the narcotics and drug addiction;
- Creation of effective comfortable groups;
- Legible organization of the work market;
- Creation of happy families and their reinforcing;
- Reducing of an amount of divorces.
In business sphere
The socionic regularity operate in all lines of business. Using them, it is possible to organize comfortable working groups, to predict relationships in them. Then the energy will be saved and direct to productivity of labour: the harmonious group will execute the problems quietly, best of all and with the least expenditures.
For example, the businessman, knowing about a socionic personality type, gives advertising on looking for the worker of a definite speciality and points in request a socionic personality type. Thereby this businessman increases the chances to find the true professional, and also chances of further progressing of the company. By the way, , it is necessary also to pay attention on whether the candidate for a job has the dual family, as only in that case the person can wholy realise himself.
In a definite line of business the definite type of the personality is required. To be competitive capable it is not enough to have high proficiency, it is necessary to be the best of best. And it is possible to achieve it only then, when the person do the work which fits his natural capacities. You see without capacities it is impossible to achieve the real proficiency.
Such selection will give such results for the worker:
- Interest and inspiration in work;
- Operationability in doing the work;
- The economy of power: the energy is saved and creates the favourable, harmonic state;
- Heyday and growth of the personality: at implementation of pleasant operation the person becomes more competent, highly professional, developes quickly;
- Raising of an internal organization.
The principal or manager can receive such knowledge:
1. How to use business qualities of the worker.
3. Characterics of mental and physical possibilities of the person.
4. How to reorganize collectives or to stage new ones which can be effective and conflictfree.
5. Prediction and removal of the conflictings in collectives by means of disclosure of objective interpersonal relations and their correction.
6. Whom to select on the managing position.
7. On what aspect of activity to route the worker at a training for a new profession.
8. Eliciting prospect for the development of the company through possibilities of the workers.

 There is a tendency at the offer of vacancy to give advantages to those challengers on the given speciality, who have greater experience. It is correct in case if the person is engaged in his own matter. The practice shows that at omission of this condition workers have the professional fatigue, indifference, conservatism, trying to act with old methods.

Using the possibilities of socionics principal or the businessman can operate not only by laws of business, they will have also the knowledge of mentality of the person and will certainly know for whether this or that worker can do perfectly his task or not. By the way, the manegers in America affirm that often people, who search for job, put into the questionnaire some letters (for example - ISFJ), which characterize their personality type. Thus, the type definition becomes one of yardsticks of a provision of employment, announcements about reception in college or personal declarations.

The success of matter depends not only on professionalism of the separate workers, but also on harmonious acts of all command of the company. Japan therefore has made a prompt step forward in economical progressing, that there is the great significance to harmonious acts of all collective, as against the American individualized style of business, where each separate worker does only his own task.

The success can be achieved due to join of two styles, that is allowing individual possibilities of the separate workers and constructing productive amicable comfortable collectives, where accept the ideas of each member, irrespective of a rank matter.

So, to improve the quality in work it is necessary to know socionic personality types of the workers. Principals worth to route the people to the specialists for definition them. 



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