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Selection of the Personnel According to Laws of Socionics

makes your company able to compete and increases the labour productivity

We help in the decision of problems of selection of a management and its command, in adjusting mutually advantageous contacts to partners, the clever treatment of competitors: knowing norms of behaviour of the competitor to apply own natural ways and styles of action. It is possible to estimate correctly business partners to predict their behaviour, a degree of reliability, to develop strategy of realization of business negotiations and to define prospects of cooperation. We help to understand motives of people, and it enables to make a decision on forms of co-operation with those or other partners.

Ukrainian Centre of Socionics has the Program of Scientific Selection of Staff (PSSS) on the basis of natural laws of mental compatibility of qualities of a person with the character of a trade and between people, laws of socion organization.

The Program includes:

1. Principles of the scientific organization of groups (the recommendation for formation of comfortable groups).
2. The table of conformity of the person of certain socionic personality type to a concrete kind of activity.
3. The table of natural interpersonal relations.
4. Typical qualities.
5. Characteristics of mental and physical opportunities and business qualities of the person.
6. Instructions of use of business qualities of the person.
7. Selection of people in view of an effective work and comfort in a group.
8. Definition of weak places of the organization and their elimination by rearrangement of the staff.
9. Possible ways of reorganization or organization of new effective comfortable groups.
10. Granting recommendations at the choice of the certain kind of activity at a training for a new profession.
12. Selection of the applicant for managing post.
13. Reduction of conflicts in groups by means of disclosing interpersonal relationships and their correction.
14. Training to definition of socionic personality types for improvement of quality of management by the personnel.
15. Revealing prospect of development of the company through opportunities of workers.
16. Services of the Ukrainian Centre of Socionics.

 The program of scientific selection of the staff inculcates at some companies of Kiev. For example: in Joint-stock company Ukraine-Holding-Lizing was carried out the work on definition of socionic personality types of the administrative personnel with granting characteristics and correction of business qualities according to their kind of activity and a post. Therefore the management has received more detailed information concerning disclosing professional inclinations of each of diagnosted workers, сoincidence of their congenital characteristic qualities to character of the chosen trade and a post, and also their mental compatibility at performance of tasks in the certain working groups.

Similar work was carried out in the City antitubercular centre.

Engaging of workers of different trades was made on socionic technologies in a private concern “Absoliut”, and the Scientific organization “Konus”.

It is possible to make some comparisons of selection of the staff, experts of different trades on technologies which exist in Centre of Socionics with methods of other organizations which use psychological tests, one of which has 300 questions, the second 80, the third 40, plus interview on 15-20 minutes. Now imagine your condition after realization of such procedure, and also a condition of those experts who carry it out. Tests do not justify themselves as do not give correctness in answers because the person is guided always by own sensations, experience, mood, state of health, and search of similar variant from life situations, and gives answers on some questions at random if does not know them. And what do similar tests reveal? A professional standard, knowledge, erudition, ingenuity. But any of them does not reveal knack of the person for the certain trade and his real opportunities. The person may acquire knowledge but be unable according to the born features to performance of the certain kind of work.

We do it by visual identification of socionic type. We need not conversation. Several photos are anough. So, all tests in themselves are very volumetric, takes up a lot of time and forces, but do not give reliable result. Socionic technologies allow to make selection in absentia - on photos.


I. There is an intention to organize the centralized Personnel Service in Ukraine where there will be a scientific approach concerning employment, as opposed to existing personnel agencies which carry out a role of intermediaries only. Requirements of the customer for a choice of a kind of activity and granting of workplaces thus will be satisfied according to congenital qualities and qualifying opportunities.

Functioning of the Ukrainian Socionic Database (US-Base) where the information on the person with the certain congenital inclinations and other data is kept, will enable to use its services for qualitative selection of the personnel if there will be a need. The businessman, using US-Base, can receive enough information about qualification of the worker and his born ability to the certain kind of activity which will have in addition dual family, members of which mentally supplement each other.

For wider use of US-Base it is desirable, that people have felt an opportunity of satisfaction of needs in search of work, and personal. For this purpose it is enough to feel influence of socionic technologies on itself.

Workers of staff departments, personnel services and agencies for improvement of quality of the work should be approached to it, taking into account requirements of time and achievement of a science. Who will address for services to Centre of Socionics the first or will learn to use in the work practical socionics - will win the market. You see the labour market became the market of persons where it is necessary to be better than others. 

II. Training managers-socionics is offered.

It is announced admitted candidates on a course of practical possession of socionics.

On the ending of a course everyone will have real practical skills and can:

1. To understand people.
2. To know opportunities of the person - what he is capable in.
3. To select people correctly for their qualities according to requirements of activity.
4. To eliminate conflicted situations, correcting interpersonal relations.
5. To foresee behaviour of the person in extreme situations.
6. To find the operative decision of conflicted situations in extreme conditions.
7. To know youself better and to control youself.
8. To form effective, comfortable groups.
9. To reveal prospect of development of the company for opportunities of workers.
10. To give the recommendation to workers at the choice of the certain kind of activity.
11. To teach others to define personality types for qualitative management of the personnel.
12. To lift competitive ability of the enterprise, knowing mental features of competitors.

 During training  practical skills in definition of socionic personality types are got.

We offer everybody to feel actions of socionic technologies practically on themselves or among people of your environment to draw a conclusion on effectiveness of our technologies and to introduce them in work. It has no value, what production - material or intellectual - on each manufacture people work, - and quality of selection of the personnel solves success of an affair. You see labour productivity, a psychological climate depends on the personnel in group.

At a meeting everyone personally can be convinced of a practicality of our technologies, feel their action on himself and receive the detailed information. 

We invite heads or authorized representatives to cooperation and training.

For happy life to choose the partner correctly is still half of problem, the correctly selected trade is already something, and the correctly selected job and moreover in mental comfortable working group is already solving task. If the person has capacities, he has also calling, if there is a calling, there is the internal directivity to definite activity, and if there is a calling and directivity, there is definite regularity of conformity of nature of the person to nature of a trade. And if to form working groups correctly, that is on mental compatibility, it is possible to avoid many complications and to solve any problems. Management demands to be guided easily in such things which are occurs in world around, not concentrating attention to own ambitions, accumulation of material benefits and mercantile interests. To understand organizational processes, to have knowledge of correct formation of working groups, and as a whole all business. And give the central place to the person in complete organizational process, as to the integral particle with equal rights, but not as a screw, which is not noticed in hierarchical system. The society is an alive organism, therefore it is necessary to listen to laws of a nature and to use the socion organization in our life.

In our society enterprises are not profitable not only for the economic reasons but also because the majority of people cay not work with full feedback, frequently being engaged in not the own business, therefore they can not discharge their duties, and because of burden of conflicts in working groups and in own families. Fluidity of a labour occurs because of discrepancy of the elected trade to the congenital qualities of the person.

Concrete activity demands the certain qualities of mentality. Opening in the person congenital mental qualities we help him to find the business where he will feel himself confidently, can use the most of his abilities, feeling himself on his place. Loved business gives the person thirst of life, develops creative abilities and desire to do everything in the best way. Performance of work which fits to features of mentality of the person naturally occurs by the most productive way, and contribution of each worker raises productivity of work of all enterprise. Qualitative performance of work will result in positive shifts in economy. The need for a training for a new profession and a problem of turnover of staff eventually will disappear.

Economic stimulus to work traditionally is material encouragement. In a present economic situation when not always there is an opportunity to pay for a work properly, selection of workers according to their congenital qualities is one of factors of avoidance of turnover of staff.

Ukrainiain Centre of Socionics offers the scientific approach to a set of the personnel accordingly congenital features of mentality, in a choice of a management and in creation of comfortable effective working groups where everyone will carry out the duties with the maximal feedback. Energy of workers will be kept and is directed on labour productivity and the enterprise becomes more profitable, the harmonious group will fulfill a task quietly, in the best way and with the least efforts.

Professionalism of a person is shown not so much due to his speciality, but due to congenital resources of the person. For achievement of success it is not enough to have high qualification, it is necessary to be the best of others, more talently, more skilfully. And it is possible to achieve such results only under conditions when the kind of activity as much as possible coincides with natural inclinations which can be opened through definition of socionic personality type.

Knowing personality types of workers, a head or a businessman will be guided not only by laws of business, but will own also the mechanism of mentality of the person, and will know for certain, that the subordinate will not let down, will execute this or that assignment or a task, will not have doubts in his abilities and reliability. By the way, professionals-personnel officers in America mark, that definition of personality type becomes one of criteria of employment.

Any work which completely answers natural qualities of the person, is carried out qualitatively and productively. And the person on his place sanitates - work as desirable gives enthusiasm in life and feeling of confidence. Duality also promotes to this: it is the most harmonious relationships at mental addition of partners. And the group, formed in agree to natural laws of socion organization will be out of competition as is in force to solve any tasks.

Socionics may be useful in any activity. Knowing with person of what socionic personality type you communicate, you already are guided, how he perceives the information and what will be reaction to it, know his strong and weak sides. You can firmly assert your interests in negotiations with any person, avoiding psychological influence of the person, can also correctly influence him. For this purpose it is necessary to be able to determine quickly the personality type of the person and at the same time to open his characteristic qualities. It is possible to learn this, it is possible to choose other person who might be your adviser or the assistant.

The statistics testify, that in practice workers of staff departments or managers employ people similar to them according to personality types. Naturally, easy mutual understanding exists among such people, but such command differs by stiff and impossibility of progress as solves various problems which arise during work narrowly, and some problems because of limitation of opportunities may not solve at all. Any group should have in its staff representatives of all types in the certain organization due to socionic laws of mental compatibility. Then such group will work productively, flexibly and mobily reacted and adapted to new circumstances and requirements of time, will be competitive capable.

Diagnostics of group of any organization allows to define its weak places, what problems it is capable to solve and what are not and why, a degree of vulnerability at changes of a situation in the market or new actions of competitors and to take the appropriate measures.

It is possible to create purposefully resonant groups of scientific, humanitarian, social, industrial, technological and other orientation according to tasks.





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