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Socionics and its Possibility

A person has the need to feel himself integratedly and to perceive an enclosing world with understanding. On the basis of this need appears a science socionics, which uncovers objective mental structure of a person and determines his natural possibilities, instead of acquiring social features. It also demonstrates, as there is a public progress by means of organization of society in a socion. Besides it decides problems of human happiness for each personally. The true happiness is to know ourselves and to have a possibility to realise ourselves.

Everything that there is in our life is a result of internal mental activity. And the better we know ourselves and others the more easier we orient in any circumstances of life.

The people felt and used the laws of socionics even before their discovery, as the laws of the nature are eternal. For example, Lev Tolstoi, not knowing socionics, in the novel " War and the world " has described all 16 types and their relations, which have coincided with objective relations according to socionics. Jan Jak Russo, refused public norms, has married with the woman of the lowest public estate, for has felt in her mentally supplemented person. And there are many such cases though the society condemned deflection from norms. The founderess of socionics А.Аugustinavichute has analyzed more than 200 works of fiction in order to feel more deeply a person, as in the literature are uncovered the traits of heroes, relationship, historical events.

Socionics has opened, that the mentality is incomplete like a half: the person is sure and is strong only in definite things, but he is weak and defenceless in others ones. Therefore he feels necessity in satiation of weak, alarming features. Everybody determine such qualities in the others, which they can not find in themselves. On natural regularities of interplay between the people there are 16 resistant methods of information exchange, which are instituted by the mental-information genetic code (socionic type). Each person is the bearer of one of 16 socionics types.

Thus, socionics demonstrates integrity of the person, his individuality and personality, gives unprecedented hitherto possibilities of a solution of problems in communion with others, forecasting relations between people. It helps to decide each personal problems. It uncovers dual human nature, tenders a scientific society's organization under the laws of information interplay. It is a science about the socion – the organization of public groups into dyads and kvadras, about socion human nature, about structure and function of mentality as information gearing, about different socionic types and objective relations.

Socionics determines reasons of these or those reactings, motives of these or those acts due to synthesizing of internal qualities of a person as the personality, has a possibility to envision events and to escape undesirable unexpectedness, demonstrates the essense of a person, show what to do hereinafter, what relations can expect in definite cases and to what of kind of relations it is necessary to aspire, how to behave in offensive or extreme situations, how to orient correctly at life choices, you see the quality of our life is an accuracy of each choice.

Socionics makes fundamentals for development of pedagogics, uncovering person mental, physical and physiological qualities and gives his natural creative possibilities in an integral aspect. It allows to understand better the mental nature of the personality, person's calling and to know certainly, on what he is capable, thereby not only discovering, but also correcting relationships between people, teaches to live conflictfree, in the consent with yourself and world, having made the life and work the most productive. Reviving each personality, giving the selfconfidence, socionics promotes the people to reinforcing of country, stabilizing of its life practically in all spheres, and it also allows to look in a new fashion at the already known historical facts and even to forecast some public processes.

The psychology and sociology determine consequences of things which have already taken place, analyse what was made abnormally, what would better not to do at all. Socionics, as the instrument for a person of knowledge about himself and the world, demonstrates integrity of mentality of the person, his individuality, gives unprecedented hitherto possibilities of a solution of problems in communication with other people and personal happiness.

This idea is not just a theory, but it is already being practically used with positive results. People who use this knowledge indeed found their calling and discovered their possibilities and areas where they can best realize them. Their self-esteem has increased, and they have created harmonious and happy families, they got rid of their problems, their love of life increased and they now have the inspiration to live creative, interesting lives in any age.

 At the present stage of development the mankind has appeared before a problem of life, which shows that a result of evolution of mankind is a total crisis of existence, which concerns both internal world and environment. Why it has taken place? If analyze closely , it is visible, that the basic problem of a person was a problem of survival. A person always required adding comfort for sufficing needs. And in order to satisfy the needs a person conquered the nature, taken from it more and more, that has reduced in a depleting of natural resources and environmental pollution.

The state of the environment influences health, industry, due to intensive technologies, has turned from the helper of the person to his enemy. The person despite all progressing of medicine can not save of illnesses, and such fatal illnesses, as cancer and aids have appeared rather recently.

The consumer psychology shatters not only nature, it shatters the personality, cultivating such qualities, as greed and aggressiveness, person becomes simple boringly to live, he loses thirst for life and its sense. It is known that process of sufficing of material needs is infinite, therefore, how many the person would gain, he can not be satisfied, becoming keen on process of consumption, he appears before a face of internal emptiness and disappointment, that results in aggression out: criminality, or internal aggression: depressions, suicides.

Therefore, we are in an epicentre of crisis of the modern person, and we have in a reserve not so much time, but there is a real possibility, and person has force to affirm himself anew and to convert technological society, which cultivates and stimulates psychology of the consumer on human society with psychology of a productive work, where the person will realize his potential, returning himself to favourite job, becomes active, happy, having inspiration and thirst for life, will feel the master of own destiny, free in an own choice. Having healthy spirit, he will have a healthy body.

These positive changes will held at an observance of the laws ща socionics, which enable the person to elect the occupation, to make dual family due to the laws of mental compatibility. The conflictfree family and conflictfree life will lead to harmony of an internal world, to reasonable consumption, the wearisome rapid motion for material assets will vanish, there will be a necessity in progressing and heyday of spiritual sphere. And the person will cherish both internal world and surrounding. The mentality becomes healthy and the nature will improved.

Every person has the need to live a happy life and work productively. This also influences the development of the whole society, as if a person can solve their own problems, they also solve more global problems. It will also be possible to solve such problems as depression, aggressiveness, greed, feeling of inner emptiness, which can lead to crime or suicide.

There is a law "of “mirror": the more positive emotions and thoughts we have the more give ourselves up to others, the better realize ourself the more good, happiness and health we will have getting positive space energy. There is also law of a boomerang: All negative emotions which we exude come back to us twice the strength. However, it is not the person’s fault that they have these negative emotions, as the reason for this is misunderstanding because of uncomfortable relationships. Only complementary relationships can stimulate positive emotions, harmony, inner peace and self-confidence. Life without conflicts will lead to inner harmony, and this will improve mental health as well as the environment.

Therefore, the more love we give the more it blossoms in our soul. The more good we bear to a world, the more kindly and calm we become. The more intensive we realize ourselves in productive and useful work the more our talents are blossom, and we receive inexpressible sutisfaction from pleasure of creativity.

Thus total evil will change naturally on total kindness, all processes in a world will be transformed: will come from destructive to life-asserting ones, and the mankind will make a step to the Golden century. Transferring to the Golden century is objective process in the nature, and we bear the full responsibility for it realization.

To do this, it is necessary to change the society from democratic to scientifically organized one. As a politician once mentioned, “Democracy is not the best way of social organization, but we don’t know a better one”. The alternative is the socionics, which discovered the idea of “socion”, scientifically organized society according to natural laws of interpersonal relationships. It is time to move from ignoring natural laws to complying with them to live in harmony with oneself and the world. 



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