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Organization of Effective Conflictfree Workgroups

The person is internally organized, therefore tends also to organization of the surrounding. The ground of organization is a structure, form of government, law and potential of a person.

Knowledge and consideration the potential of a person is the fundamental principle and primary task, and others three result from it. Up to nowadays the potential of a person was ignored. Psychologists in U.S. try to consider the possibilities of a person but make errors because they have not synthesis in knowledge of a mental structure of a person. They knowledge are based on Jung’s work on psychological types which does not give a key to the essence of mentality. The conclusion of existence of 16 psychological types was made according to observations and there are descriptions of every type. Analyzing these characteristics psychologist make approximate conclusions about kinds of activities which are fit to this or that person. 

Socionics is an exact science and having described a model of mentality reveals the inborn potential and shows with accuracy to what kinds of activity each person of definite socionic type fits. If every person sets his own place in team there will be a right structure. Any organization exists when it rules by the law of connections. Socionics has discovered such connection among people. There is a law of interpersonal interplay based on the rule of mental complementing. If there will be considered these two laws (the regular structure of mentality and the law of interpersonal interplay) it will be possible to form the organization which is able to function and fulfil all tasks.

The people are organized in groups for reaching a common purposes. They make a plan for successive deeds. Such action is a system. But system is not an organization. The solving problem by means of a system is impossible. Hence there are a great amount of different problems in all areas of activity. It is not always possible to reach the aim, as two powerful factors are skipped, such as usage of a potential of each person, and the law, which is set by a synthetic way, without consideration of natural regularities and intercouplings.

Nowadays there is a tendency to solve the social problems by means of regulation of government. It is known that without governing any organization is impossible. But the real governing must be natural. It must be organized not for purposes of power (for self-enrichment) or of control in keeping existing laws. The laws are also imperfect. Hence, the problems are trying to solve by “improving” laws. But as these laws has artificial basis it is possible only to change them but impossible to improve. Knowing the laws of a dual nature of a human being and of socion organization of society I propose to create any form of organization beginning from family up to nation considering all spheres of activity, which will be dynamic, capable to act effectively in any situation. Three main aspects are described above. The forth aspect is a form of governing without which three previous are incapable. The governing of any large organization must consist of 16 competent person which have all set of socionic types. The president has authority to analyze the tasks, choose the leader and control his work. According to the aim and tasks for reaching it in every concrete case there must be chosen one of the 16 guidance member to lead such groups, who is the most capable to fulfil these tasks in accordance with his strong mental qualities. Such person is chosen faultless because it is taken into account his potential. Variations of aims and tasks result in variation in choose this or that leader.

As for small groups, all members of it must fulfil such tasks, which they capable to do, i.e. do such work, where they are good in because it conform their strong mental qualities. Of course there must be a leader, who is competent in matter, responsible, can program and direct the work, knowing the potential of each member and use his or her abilities in the best way. Such person can be found among people of four definite socionic personality types, who are the leaders of kvadra. It will be good to have the dual or activator to help and to make the guidance more effective. If the group consists of two members, there must be mutual understanding and mutual help, coordinated interactions, which is possible only between duals – a mental complementary people.

The demand of society influence on a person. And amount of a person's creativity and realization of his potential depends on demand of society. It happens, society demands more than person can give or on the contrary, the realization of his potential is less, than it can be. It is the first reasons of conflict. The other reason arises at mismatch of nature of the person with nature of a trade, the third one is in inconsistent of the interplays in collective, because the regularities of information exchange are not considered. In the nature this mismatch is resolved, is noticed by the person and is scientifically justified.

If we would pay attention to a person as to the basic instrument for reaching the improvement of the quality and effectiveness of work in collectives we'll get rid of conflicts The collective will be conflictfree at definite selection of personnel in groups by the kvadra principle with taking into account natures of the people and relations between them, that results in the most effective method of interplays and in high quality of fulfiling the tasks.

The amount of the people in kvadra can be more than four, but there must be available people of all 4 definite socionic personality types. Each of them should fulfil the tasks depending on capacities which fit both his assigning and kind of operation, and in that case person will discharge his duties best of all.

The statistician testifies, that practically the workers of staff departments or the managers select the people who are similar to them by their socionic personality types. Naturally, among such people there is an easy mutual understanding but such command is conservative and impossible to progress, for decides miscellaneous problems, which arise during production only one-sided, and some problems because of boundedness of possibilities can not decide at all.

If there were workers of all 16 socionic personality types in definite organization according to the laws of mental compatibility and social directivity in a group such the group will work productively, will react quickly and well accomodate for the new facts and demands of the time, will competitive capable. 



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