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Knowledge is a Force

Education is the valuable treasure, together with wisdom is the greatest wealth, it lights up soul, fills the life with light. Education as transition from not clear, invisible to the world of clear - to sources of understanding, knowledge and skills. It is the systematized process of mastering of knowledge. Training shines to us a way to the great purpose. The purpose - to understand ourselves, people, an environment, the world. Children shine our life so they are light which should be supported by heat to shine more brightly. If to open their directions - ways to their own aims, their abilities and talents, the future inspirations, inventions will open, will occure a desire to create and be educated. The sin and ignorance begin there where there is no knowledge.

The true education begins in family, the true training in an educational institution: at school which enters into an education system where there is a set of establishments for training. There are also higher schools which try to concentrate all particles of knowledge from which it would be possible to choose for itself what are pleasant and in what of them to be engaged in life further.

To improve process of training, to make conditions when children will attend school with pleasure and perceive knowledge with interest, is carried out the practical work of Centre of Socionics in schools with the pedagogical personnel, pupils of the senior classes and younger school, their parents. It is described below.

Centre of Socionics during 3 years carried out lectures and practical work in 80 Kiev schools. This work opens congenital potential of pupils of high schools, focuss them on area of trades in which they could realize the opportunities incorporated from birth, and on the basis of the law of compatibility helps pupils to feel comfortable relations at dialogue to search for them in adult life. Such activity allows to work not only for today, but also on prospect. Socionic technologies allow to determine correctly and precisely an orientation on a trade of any person.

And as result of foresight of our affair, pupils who will leave school, will know the opportunities, in what area of trades to realize themselves, in what group to work, what should be the person for marriage. Thus the businessman, using Socionic Database, can receive the data on the high-grade worker who will have in addition a dual family.

Practical research work held by experts-socionics among pupils of 1-st classes and the pedagogical staff of the Kiev school 304

Practical research work held by the socionic experts among the schoolboys of the 8-11 forms and pedagogical staff of the Kiev school 304

The result of the work is a coincidence of inherent qualities of each separate pupil to their personal feel of own internal world. Therefore, socionic personality types of the pupils and teachers are determined without errors.

With the purpose of definition, what changes were held in consciousness of the pupils after acquaintance with socionics, they were asked to write the composition on the theme: What has socionics deposited to my life. All of these pupils want to get equiantance with their duals. Their coordinates you can take from our Company.

There are some compositions

There are 191 pupils and 30 teachers have passed the diagnostic. Unfortunately, it is not the whole contingent of school 304. Experts-socionics did not force all to define the socionic personality type, the children went through the diagnostic voluntarily, but the part of them have already expressed desire to determine a socionic personality type and to receive services from Research Company Socionic Technologies after the first lecture. Those pupils, who had defined their socionic personality type and received the documents and coordinates of their duals were in delight and pleasantly excited. After interchanging by impressions with others the last pupils came after the closing lecture with the request to diagnose, but the work was already finished.

The principals of schools, in which depicted above work was done understand its profit and maintain it. The parents tell, that their children in choosing an educational institution after leaving school were guided by the recommendations given in the characteristic of professional ability. Another endorsement of understanding of a profit of our work is a duplicate of a letter of recommendation from school 304 on support of the project "World of Harmony".

In one half-year after diagnostic of pupils in school 304 the new teacher Kyrychenko Maria Victorivna has come to the position of the teacher-organizer. Studying the documents of the company SocionicTechnologies Maria Victorivna began to communicate with the complementing children, having experienced on herself dual relations, has interested in socionics, studied the literature. She has offered to the company to diagnoze all of senior pupils, because in the lists, unfortunately, each class was not in full staff. The knowledge of socionic types of the pupils and objective relations helps in preparing, organization and holding of different school arrangements.


The work held on a ground of socionic technologies has shown that the teacher have experienced the quality of the information, which is given in the characteristics, as it coincides with their personal nature. The attitude to itself and to the pupils has changed, the new attitude to work has appeared, the approach to educational process has changed in the positive side.

The teachers began to interest by natures of the colleagues, they wanted to find out more about relations in their collective, as well as in their own families. Some of them have expressed a desire to know more about their familiars and friends, whether they have choose the profession correctly.

There were uncovered the relationships between the teacher and each pupil and to the greatest regret there were such cases, when in there were uncomfortable relations in class groups. The teacher, having received such information, had a possibility to verify on own expertise its truthfulness, practicality, vitality, as being the class principal, had contact with children daily. The endorsement, that it was difficult for the teacher to organize, to interest pupils and to educate them have enabled to open a reason of all misunderstandings, which arose in relationships.

And the children who have already had friendly relations with classmates, had a desire to find out what objective relations were with the classmates and how they coincided with their feels. When the documents with definition of socionic types and relationships were issueed, they were surprised, that the relations with their friends were dual in most cases. So the children were pleased to endorsement of their relations from the scientific point of view with real-life ones.

Since the childhood children orient better whom is more easier to communicate with and to be friends. By the way, the younger child is, the more strongly and more deeply he feels the tendency to the complement people, and can also precisely tell, whom he wants to be and choose such role games, in which he can show himself in an image of the future trade. There was a creative elate, a self-respect for the fact that a child independently felt own capacities at coincidence of a children's image of a trade to the given recommendations. Those who has not choose an occupation yet, follows the given recommendations, but not blindly, for the desire was already laid and the given characteristics have enabled to be exhibited to not realized aimings.

If children can not do a choice, the characteristics enable to make a choice of educational subjects, trade, friends, person for creation of the future harmonic family.

 The offers to authorities

Therefore, this work demonstrates necessity of definition a socionic type for each person, and for harmony in society: in family, in school, in working groups and in other organizations.

In order to achieve this aim, it is necessary on a state level to organize obligatory definition of socionic types of the children up to an entrance to school with giving the document - Testimony about a socionic personality type. It will be useful to complete class groups according to kvadra law. The best teacher for such class will be the person, who will be a leader to a given kvadra by his socionic personality type. It will give a possibility to improve the quality of educational process due to the individual approach to the pupils. The feel of comfortable relations in such class groups will facilitate the natural selforganizing of working groups hereafter.

Leaving school teenages will have together with the school-leaving certificate the Testimony about a socionic personality type. In a document list at an entrance to educational institutions, receiving job, to reception to the doctor should be allowed a socionic personality type of a person. You can ask, what link is between by a socionic personality type and medicine. The fact is that each person of definite socionic personality type has programme nature potential illnesses, weak places, which can progress under unfavorable conditions and without dualization. Therefore doctor should allow it.

In the future it is necessary to specify the socionic personality type in the passport. Then, having knowledge of conformity of socionic personality type to the certain kinds of activity, there will be a qualitative selection of entrants in educational institutions or universities, qualitative work of personnel services at employment and the organizations of working groups. People also can solve personal problems concerning search of friends, adherents, partners to make a correct choice of the partner for family life.


To the Ministry of Education and sciences of Ukraine to include in the school program subjects in which basis there will be laws of socionics and proects of Centre of Socionics:
1) Vocational guidance
2) Human knowledge

Than it will be easier for pupils to understand many questions which life puts before them.

Directors of schools of any country who are ready to conclude the Contract on cooperation for realization of the practical research work described above, please, address to Ukrainian Centre of Socionics. 



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