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How to Reach the Purpose in Negotiations

It can not be achieve by means of psychology!

In all areas of socioeconomic life the human direction became basic, i.e. everything, what is done, it should be made for the blessing of the person, for the person, and taking into account, first of all, the human factor. Eventually the person acts on the foreground, you see everything, that occurs in our life - is done by mind and hands of the person. Therefore there is a strengthened need for knowledge about a person to open precisely his abilities, opportunities in order to know, what he is able to do and how he will behave himself in this or that situation how will react to this or that information. All this is accessible to those who has knowledge and achievements of socionics and is able to apply them practically. Having determined a socionic personality type (the skilled expert does it quickly) it is possible to know not only essence of mentality of the person and the basic constant character traits and to predict his relations with others, his behaviour in different situations, including extreme ones. Such skills are necessary for everyone who deals with people: heads, managers, teachers, diplomats, politicians. You see how skilled were political analysts, their forecasts, it happens, are not executed because of unexpectedness of actions of politicians. Who knows socionics may predict actions of any person. Political observers and analytics logically examine situations in system of the state - state, event cause and effect. But they do not take into account natural displays of politicians and results of influence of natural relations between them at negotiating, at their participation in political games. And results of negotiations depend on those people who take part in them.

Politics now is dirty business, as person is not known yet, (but socionics has this knowledge!), and the person is imperfect: It is not justice, humanity and interests of the state and people often rule over politicians, but own ambitions, greed, aspiration to the increasing authority and spheres of influence... From here there is a dirty in a politics... But it is already possible to clean it, using knowledge of socionics and introducing it wider in life.

Knowing natural abilities of the person, it is possible to choose heads who would be on the place, and therefore, would carry out their duties in the best way and would be responsible for their actions. The history is made by people.


We offer to allocate and direct on training to Centre of Socionics authorized representatives to be advisers of politicians concerning revealing potential of people. The Centre of Socionics may become your advisory in the help of the decision of the problems connected with people and interactions between them. 



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