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Services of Ukrainian Centre of Socionics

Scientific Enlightenment Institute (SEI) "Socionic Technologies"(SEI-ST)  
Ukraine, 02090, Kiev, a/b 48, tel/fax: (38-044)559-84-67.
mob.+38- 096-335-35-63 E-mail: ВЦС 
Director Anatoliy Grechynskyy


Price $



Definition of socionic personality type


2 days


Brief characteristics


3 days


- professional abilities


- mind features


- innate mental features


- leadership style

3 Characteristics of strong and weak mental features   40,00 4 days
4 Characteristics of strong and weak mental features with recomendations how to behave   50,00 7 days


Full characteristics


21 days


1) General characteristic


- mind features


- main features of character


- moral values


- social mission


- temperament


- expression of feelings


- self-esteem


2) Business style


3) Sex life


4) Sport abilities


Conclusions & recommendations



Professional abilities


1-3 days


Extended description of professional abilities


21 days


- mind features


- other features


- conscious & subconscious perception of the world


- conscious business features


- thinking


- personal strengths


- personal weaknesses


- professional orientation


- leadership style


Conclusions & recommendations





5 days


- laws of interpersonal relationships


- description of relations between certain people


- explanation of the reasons behind;


- correction of relationships.



Description of the innate talents of a child and recommendations for education:


10 days


1) definition of socionic type (1 person);



2) brief characteristics;



3) laws of relationships between a parent and a child:



- relationships;


- correction of relationships.



How to affirm yourself in life.


5 days


Input of your data into the Socionic Database 


1 day


Socionic Dating Agency (finding of one complementary person for friendship, work, marriage).


1 day


Socionic lessons (1 lesson):


- individual;



- group;



-lessons on how to define the complementary person (individual)




Help for managers in choosing the appropriate people for the job (1 person).


2 days


Help for managers in organization & reorganization of business groups:


1) 5 people;


3 days


1) up to 20 persons;


10 days


2) up to 40 persons;


15 days


3) up to 60 persons;


18 days


4) up to 80 persons;


24 days


5) up to 100 persons;


30 days


6) Solving conflicts in work groups (1 person).


1-3 days


7) Prevention of conflicts (1 person).


1-3 days


Program of scientific selection of the personnel


1 day


Improvement of mental and physical state in the health center:


- relaxation in groups of psychological comfort;

by agreement


- help with stress on our territory:

 70,00 quickly

If you need our services, you can receive them not only by coming here but also by correspondence. For granting them it is necessary to determine your socionic type and types of those people, whom you are interested in. You have to send 3 or more photos. 

The requirements to photos:
Your photos should be of the different periods of life: children's, school and present. On all photos the face should not be turn, without glasses, for example, as in the passport.
If you can not scan the photos, then:
- Send them by mail in an envelope;
- Insert an envelope with marks and your address for returning of photos;
- Pay for service of scanning $5.

The depiction of face must be qualitative & contrast. Your face should be in ladge size and not turned. Your photos are given back. Refer to us for more information. We are glad to be helpfull for you.

The properties and bank accounts
You can use the Socionic Database for looking for people you need, transfering money to any account:
1. In US dollars:
In "Pravex-bank" of Kiev, Ukraine. ACCOUNT № 2625801/4100007439. The receiver: Grechynskyy Anatoliy.
2. In any currency:
By remittance to the address: 02090. Ukraine. Kiev, box 48. Grechynskyy Anatoliy Yevgenovich.
3. By " Western Union ".
The receiver: Grechynskyy Anatoliy Yevgenovich. Please notify of the number and other necessary data by email ВЦС or tel. (38-044)  559-84-67, mob.+38- 096-335-35-63.

Each person realize themselves of their own nature. It is not just a theory, but it is already being practically used with positive results. People who use this knowledge indeed found their calling and discovered their possibilities and areas where they can best realize them. Their self-esteem has increased, and they have created harmonious and happy families, they got rid of their problems, their love of life has increased and they now have the inspiration to live creative, interesting lives in any age.

-   Why do people not always understand each other and fall in conflict situations?
-   Why is there cosiness and mutual understanding in one families and in the majority of families the dissonance and estrangement lives?
-   Why does person remain sometimes lone and unnoticed?
-   Why do somebody construct problems themselves, considering that failues haunts them?
-   Why do children not feel the significance in families, suffer, feeling themselves overlooked and lone?
-   Why is there no unity of the people in working collectives and why do conflicts prevent to work effectively?
-   Why do different kinds of disease occur: a nervous system, cardiovascular, locomotorium and so forth?
And still multi-many different “Why?”

The person frequently falls in a hopelessness at a solution of accumulated vital "why", his(her) mentality is slow down and shattered. The intellectual progressing pauses, the consciousness deadens, frustrations occurs, talents do not cultivate, the period of degradation becomes. The life aims are lost because of the whole complex of unsolved problems, the mentality of the person and his(her) nature is shattered.

What it is necessary to know:
- to escape irritation, misunderstanding, conflict situations.
What it is necessary to do:
- to be not lone, to be necessary, significant.
How it is possible:
- to solve problems;
- to organize well-knit, reliable collectives;
- to find like-minded persons.
How to open:
- Your natural capacities, qualities of character, strengths of the personality, to be more self-assure in life and to realize the creative possibilities more effectively.
How to find:
- Your calling, matter of the life;
- close friends, partners.
How to avoid errors and to reach success.
The new practical science   - SOCIONICS gives answers on these problems.
However, it is not the person’s fault that they have negative emotions, as the reason for this is misunderstanding because of uncomfortable relationships. Only complementary relationships can stimulate positive emotions, harmony, inner peace and self-confidence. Life without conflicts will lead to inner harmony, and this will improve mental health.

Each person feels calm, satisfied and happy, when people understand him. We want to find the friend, husband or wife, such person, who could understand, support, console in a difficult moment, and feel our necessity for him. It is only a dual - mentally complementing and that is why the ideal partner who can become such a person. The striving for duality lives subconsciously in each person. Socionics will help you in a choice of most pleasant and necessary for you person on the basis of the natural laws of human interplays. Addres to Scientific company “Socionic Technologies” and we shall help you to find the place in life - having determined an aspect of activity which is the most eligible for your natural character and your related soul, who also waits and searches for you.

If there is disorder in your family, there are problems with children, we shall help to adjust your relationships by means of revealing reasons of misunderstanding and correction of relationships.

We can be helpful for managers of the personnel and principals in selection of personnel and in guiding of staff, having granted the Program of Scientific Selection of the Staff, which includes:
1. The table of conformity of the person of definite socionic personality type to a particular aspect of activity.
2. The characteristics of personal and business qualities of the people of 16 socionic personality types.
3. Typical mental signs.
4. Recommendations on making up of the staff to have effective conflictfree groups.
5. The table of objective interpersonal relationships.



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