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Psychology and Socionics

Socionics has arisen on base of psychology, but is not its continuation, it is qualitatively new direction in studying the person which has opened laws of his mentality. On the basis of observation in psychology the huge unsystematic material concerning various mental displays of the person which reason is unknown has collected.

Socionics has opened laws of a informational-power exchange and has explained structure of mentality, showing the essence of the person incorporated in him from birth, law of its displays and relations with other people. And this essence is constant during life. Knowing as the mentality functions, it is possible to reveal the reasons of all mental displays.

If in psychology is described the condition of the person at the certain moment of time, with the help of socionics it is possible to predict his behaviour in any situations, at any age, in interactions with other people.

Psychologists and astrologists, psychoanalysts and psychotherapist, psychotecnics and psycotrenings are gone out of fashion. People are disappointed in them, you see their hopes are not justified, their problems were not solved. They had heart-to-heart talk with psychologists, whom calmed them, giving stereotyped advices to adhere to public norms, to leave difficult situations, do not solving, but simply avoiding them. Psychotecnics promise to make from them supermen who are capable in everything. Psychologists recommend to struggle with lacks, to strengthen will to be engaged in introspection which resulted in frustrations. In a word, adjust everybody to any uncertain standard, the specification of the worthy person which levelled individuality and oppressed the personality.

Socionics reveals, what person is from birth, and how to direct yourself in life to develop as much as possible the inborn abilities and opportunities for qualitative realization. Everyone can not do everything. Everyone is strong in something, but weak in other things. And if to know it, there will be no waste of forces and a power exhaustion to make a superman of itself. Self-improvement does not have borders, but only in the certain directions.

Some people trust such psychological technologies, as neirolingvistic programming (NLP). We shall notice, that methods of socionics are more effective, practical and operate at deeper level, than others ones. One of example is that there are 16 personality types in socionics against only 4 in NLP.

Socionics gives the person complete deep knowledge of himself and his capacities, a direction in a choice of the trade which will be pleasant and where it is possible to realize the talents slightly, without a special strain. The most valuable is the opportunity to find the half - the friend, the assistant and the adviser in life whom it is always cosy, cheerful, interesting, reliable with, a person, whom everyone subconsciously searches as need mental supplement. Socionics specifies a direction to live safely and correctly. And it is necessary to do it today to not be sprayed. How it is possible to not take a great interest in such science, which is necessary to anyone?

Interest of people to socionics, but not a science itself, began to use psychologists. The word socionics more often appears in psychotherapy, psychotrenings, and psychological role games. This word involve visitors to psychological clubs. There types of people are defined by all members of group the teachers can not take responsibility on themselves. Sometimes wrong understanding of socionics bring harm instead of use, when psychologists teach people to not be themselves, and to play roles of any personality type, to take a revenge in the certain situation of dialogue. But what it for a revenge? It is a laughing-stock, because all unnatural is appreciablly at once and spurns. The success is achieved by the one who is itself.

Be cautious in a choice of experts if you want to determine your socionic personality type. Only experts of Centre of Socionics guarantee 100-percentage correctness of definition. You also may seize the unique technologies of the definition produced as a result of 21-years experience of observation and the scientific analysis and confirmed 10-years practical work. Skill to determine a socionic personality type of people gives uncommon advantages in life and expands your opportunities. You will be guided, whom how and on what distance to communicate with, whom to choose in friends and whom is better to avoid, what partners will be reliable and who may let down. It is necessary in life.

The knowledge of socionic personality types essentially will help practical psychologists in their work with people as it forms a basis, a starting point at revealing the reasons of inadequate behaviour, difficulties of socialization, problems of a person and a group. On the basis of knowledge of socionic personality type it is possible to solve all other psychological problems. And it can not be achieved by methods of psychology. Therefore psychologists should be seriously approached to studying laws of socionics for improvement of professional skill and quality of their work. Thus each psychologist will have an opportunity to trace and analyze how properties of mentality are shown which are examined separately in psychology and which are naturally incorporated by a nature and are shown unequivocally in each person, depending on his socionic personality type. And their observations will give a great use in development of practical socionics and psychology, will result further in productive synthesis of these sciences and by that to positive shifts in a person and society.


Ukrainian Centre of Socionics offers psychologists to study socionicas - to acquire theoretical knowledge and practical skills of definition of socionic personality types for improvement of quality of their work. See an option “Teaching”




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