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Research Proposal

Human Resources in Management  

Solving different problems scientists and politicians try to analyze the reasons of them but often struggle against sequences, want to take them away but often in vain. Our society is a fortuity chaotic organization of people. The government tries to regulate the situation by some restrictions by means of laws. But it is not considered the internal organization of mental structure of every person and organization of the society as a whole unit consists of people. There are artificially made systems in organizations on the rule of monocracy. The roots of problems are in ignoring of nature of every person, his potential, because there are people who make this or that process and everything depends on their mind. Harmonization of society will be only after the harmonization of each member of it and full use of his potential in a sphere where he is competent and after inculcating the new form of it organization, based on natural laws of interpersonal interplay. We propose the new form of organization of any formation of people beginning from family up to state on the basis of using the nature laws, which discovers socionics.

Research goals are:
1. Show practical discoveries on the basis of science socionics;
2. Teach socionics and practical skills in definition of socionic personality types;
3. Normalize the workgroups and increase their effectiveness by socion organization of them;
3. Give the Program of Scientific Selection of Staff;
4. Put forward proposals how avoid unemployment;
5. Give knowledge of new forms of governing;
6. Improve the psychological and physical health through the knowledge of inner potential of person and dyalization;
7. Give socionic services (characteristics: brief and full, extended description of professional abilities, description of relationships and it correction, description of the innate talents of a child and recommendations for education, how to affirm oneself in life).
8. Investigate the readiness of your society to use practical socionics and consequence result of it.

There is a new science socionics, which can give reasons in solving problems concerning each person, group of people and society as a whole.

Socionics was born on scientific materials of the famous psychologists of the -th century Z.Freid and K.G.Jung who established that people differ in definite mental qualities which are legiblly observed in life, and they can precisely be assorted. So the typology of .G.Jung has appeared. Why are there psychological types of the people? What regularities are caused to their existence? The Lithuanian scholar ushra ugustinavichute has found the answers on these questions. She has elaborated the structure of mentality of the person on the basis of structuring of Z.Freid. In United States and other countries the Typology of Yung is used to solve some problems. But socionics has more possibilities because it can predict the relationships with people of definite personality types; so on basis of it is possible to organize such workgroups where people will do work  suitable to their inherent abilities and to complete effective conflict-free teams. A person has the need to feel himself significant, to have connections with other people and to perceive an enclosing world with understanding. On the basis of this need appears a science socionics, which uncovers objective mental structure of a person and determines his natural possibilities, instead of acquiring social features. It also demonstrates, as there is a public progress by means of organization of society in a socion. Everything that there is in our life is a result of internal mental activity. And the better we know the others and ourselves the more easily we orient in any circumstances of life.

Socionics has opened, that the mentality is incomplete like a half: the person is sure and strong only in definite things, but he is weak and defenseless in others ones. Therefore he feels necessity in satiation of weak, alarming features. Everybody determine such qualities in the others, which they can not find in themselves. On natural regularities of interplay between the people there are 16 resistant methods of information exchange, which are instituted by the mentally information genetic code (socionic personality type). Thus, socionics demonstrates integrity of the person, his individuality, gives unprecedented hitherto possibilities of a solution of problems in communion with the others, forecasting relationships between people. It helps to decide each personal problems. It uncovers dual human nature, tenders a scientific society's organization under the laws of information interplay. It is a science about the socion the organization of public groups into dyads and kvadras, about socion human nature, about structure and function of mentality as information gearing, about different socionic personality types and objective relationships.

Socionics determines reasons of these or those reactions, motives of acts due to synthesizing of internal qualities of a person, has a possibility to envision events and to escape undesirable cases, demonstrates the essence of a person, show what to do hereinafter, what relationships can expect in definite cases and to what kind of relationships it is necessary to aspire, how to behave in offensive or extreme situations, how to orient correctly at life choices, you see the quality of our life depends an accuracy of each choice. Socionics allows to understand better the mental nature of the personality, person's calling and to know certainly, on what he is capable, thereby not only discovering, but also correcting relationships between people, teaches to live conflict-free, in the consent with ourselves and world, having made the life and work the most productive. Reviving each personality, giving the self-confidence, socionics promotes the people to reinforcing of country, stabilizing of its life practically in all spheres, and it also allows to look in a new fashion at the already known historical facts and even to forecast some public processes.

The psychology and sociology determine consequences of things, which have already taken place, and analyze what was made abnormally, what would better not to do at all. Socionics can reveal the reasons and gives unprecedented hitherto possibilities of a solution of problems of every person and society.

At the given stage the society exists as a socium, with random, casual organization of people in families and in large groups. Socion is a legible natural society's organization due to objective links between the people, who know their socionic personality types and who are orientated concerning own possibilities and occupy the applicable place in society. Following to the laws of the nature the people can organize themselves in socion due to natural regularity. The progress of society is directly proportional to degree of it socionity (A.ugustinavichute). It is necessary to give the realization to a new generation the necessity for everybody to know the definite place in society and the necessity to organize our society to harmonic socion.

Usage of socionics enables to solve problems and to satisfy needs, to reach harmony.

In the Ukraine we have done a research-inculcating work with some organizations, among them are: Joint-Stock-Company Ukraine-Holding-Leasing, Phthisis Dispensary, school #304. There were defined socionic personality types of head and employers, made the correction of relationships and given recommendations for effective work and interplay. At school there were defined personality types of pupils and teachers, given characteristics, revealed interpersonal relationships and given recommendation for their correction. There was made an experiment: one class group was staffed due to the kvadra law and was chosen the class principal, who had a socionic personality type of leader of that kvadra.

This work makes able to:
1. Open individuality and to route to a particular kind of activity in any profession.
2. Open regularities of relations for harmonic interplay with others.
3. Choose friends, partners for business or for marriage.
4. Improve effectiveness while following the natural law of socion organization of group.
4. Enter the Socionic Database for choose a job, looking for duals and other people of definite socionic personality type.
Having determined the mentally information genetic code (the socionic personality type) it is possible to:
- Learn ourselves through disclosure of an inherent potential, individuality; to exhibit the qualities of nature, capacity, possibilities, talents, calling etc;
- Estimate objectively the strong and weak features;
- Develop the personality;
- Get rid of complexes of inferiority and imaginary fears and, accordingly, limitations;
- Be self-assured and to have an own stand;
- Defend own concerns;
- Act conscientiously and estimate objectively the behavior;
- Choose a comfortable surrounding: the friends, familiars, partners;
- Foresee relationships;
- Make a harmony family;
- Choose a trade correctly according to natural capacities;
- Achieve success.
In public life the usage of the laws of socionics results in:
- Self-advancing of each personality and realization it in society;
- The improving of the culture of communication, respect for the person;
- Deliverance from slavish dependence in behavior and expression of own thoughts;
- Avoidance of psychosomatic illnesses;
- Solution of a problem of difficult children;
- Warning of crimes;
- Fostering a solution of a problem of the narcotics and drug addiction;
- Creation of effective comfortable teams;
- Legible organization of the work market;
- Creation of happy families and their reinforcing;
- Reducing of an amount of divorces.
In business sphere
The socionic regularity operates in all lines of business. Using them, it is possible to organize comfortable working groups, to predict relationships in them. Then the energy will be saved and direct to productivity of labor: the harmonious teams will execute the problems quietly, best of all and with the least expenditures.
For example, the businessman, knowing about a socionic personality type, gives advertising on looking for the worker of a definite profession and points in request a personality type. Thereby this businessman increases the chances to find the true professional and also chances of further progressing of the company. By the way, it is necessary also to pay attention on whether the candidate for a job has the dual family, as only in that case the person can wholly realize himself.
In a definite line of business the definite type of the personality is required. To be competitive capable it is not enough to have high proficiency; it is necessary to be the best of the better ones. And it is possible to achieve it only then, when the person do the work which fits his natural capacities. You see that without capacities it is impossible to achieve the real proficiency.
Such selection will give such results for the worker:
- Interest and inspiration in work;
- To do the work operatively and skilful;
- The economy of power: the energy is saved and creates the favorable, harmonic state;
- Heyday and growth of the personality: at implementation of pleasant operation the person becomes more competent, highly professional, develops quickly;
- Raising of an internal organization.
The principal or manager can receive such knowledge:
1. How to use business qualities of the worker.
3. Description of mental and physical possibilities of the person.
4. How to reorganize workgroups or to stage new ones which can be effective and conflict-free.
5. Prediction and removal of the conflictings in workgroups by means of disclosure of objective interpersonal relationships and their correction.
6. Whom to select on the managing position.
7. On what aspect of activity to route the worker at a training for a new profession.
8. Eliciting prospect for the development of the company through possibilities of the workers.

There is a tendency at the offer of vacancy to give advantages to those challengers on the given professions, who have greater experience. It is correct in case if the person is engaged in his own matter. The practice shows that at omission of this condition workers have the professional fatigue, indifference, conservatism, trying to act with old methods.

Using the possibilities of socionics principal or the businessman can operate not only by laws of business, they will have also the knowledge of mentality of the person and will certainly know for whether this or that worker can do perfectly his task or not. By the way, the managers in America affirm that often people, who search for job, put into the questionnaire some letters (for example ISTP), which characterize their personality type. Thus, the type definition becomes one of yardsticks of a provision of employment, announcements about reception in college or personal declarations.

The success of matter depends not only on professionalism of the separate workers, but also on harmonious acts of all command of the company. Japan therefore has made a prompt step forward in economical progressing, that there is the great significance to harmonious acts of all team, as against the American individualized style of business, where each separate worker does only his own task.

The success can be achieved due to join of two styles, that is allowing individual possibilities of the separate workers and arranging productive amicable comfortable groups, where accept the ideas of each member, irrespective of a rank matter.

So, to improve the quality in work it is necessary to know socionic personality types of the workers. Principals worth to route the people to the specialists for definition them. It is necessary to organize teaching socionics and granting practical skills in defining a socionic personality type by methods of audio-visual diagnostic, because typology tests (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator or others) does not work. You see the false determination of socionic personality type will shatter the all structure: all work will be in vain, there will be disorder in a team and there will be the awful consequences to a mental health of a person.

Organization of effective conflict-free workgroups can be done using the laws of socionics.

The person is internally organized, therefore tends also to organization of the surrounding. The ground of organization is a system, form of government, law and potential of a person.

Knowledge and consideration the potential of a person is the fundamental principle and primary task, and others three result from it. Up to nowadays the potential of a person was ignored. Psychologists in U.S. try to consider the possibilities of a person but make errors because they have not synthesis in knowledge of a mental structure of a person. They knowledge are based on Yungs work on psychological types which does not give a key to the essence of mentality. The conclusion of existence of 16 psychological types was made according to observations and there are descriptions of every type. Analyzing these characteristics psychologist make approximate conclusions about kinds of activities which are fit to this or that person. Socionics is an exact science and having described a model of mentality reveals the inborn potential and shows with accuracy to what kinds of activity each person of definite socionic personality type fits. If every person sets his own place in team there will be a right structure. Any organization exists when it rules by the law of connections. Socionics has discovered such connection among people. There is a law of interpersonal interplay based on the rule of mental complementing. If there will be considered these two laws (the regular structure of mentality and the law of interpersonal interplay) it will be possible to form the organization which is able to function and fulfil all tasks.

The people are organized in groups for reaching common purposes. They make a plan for successive deeds. Such action is a system. But system is not an organization. The solving problem by means of a system is impossible. Hence there are a great amount of different problems in all areas of activity. It is not always possible to reach the aim, as two powerful factors are skipped, such as usage of a potential of each person, and using the law, which is set by a synthetic way, without consideration of natural regularities.

Nowadays there is a tendency to solve the social problems by means of regulation of government. It is known that without governing any organization is impossible. But the real governing must be natural. It must be organized not for purposes of power (for self-enrichment) or of control in keeping existing laws. The laws are also imperfect. Hence, the problems are trying to solve by improving laws. But as these laws has artificial basis it is possible only to change them but impossible to improve. Knowing the laws of a dual nature of a human being and of socion organization of society we propose to create any form of organization beginning from family up to nation considering all spheres of activity, which will be dynamic, capable to act effectively in any situation. Three main aspects are described above. The forth aspect is a form of governing without which three previous are incapable. The governing of any large organization must consist of 16 competent people which have all set of socionic personality types. The president has authority to analyze the tasks, choose the leader and control his work. According to the aim and tasks for reaching it in every concrete case there must be chosen one of the 16 guidance member to lead such groups, who is the most capable to fulfil these tasks in accordance with his strong mental qualities. Such person is chosen faultless because it is taken into account his potential. Variations of aims and tasks result in variation in choose this or that leader.

As for small groups, all members of it must fulfil such tasks, which they capable to do, i.e. do such work, where they are good in because it conform their strong mental qualities. Of course there must be a leader, who is competent in matter, responsible, can program and direct the work, knowing the potential of each member and use his or her abilities in the best way. Such person can be found among people of four definite socionic personality types, who are the leaders of kvadra. It will be good to have the dual or activator to help and to make the guidance more effective. If the group consists of two members, there must be mutual understanding and mutual help, coordinated interactions, which is possible only between duals a mental complementary people.

The demand of society influence on a person. And amount of a person's creativity and realization of his potential depends on demand of society. It happens, society demands more than person can give or on the contrary, the realization of his potential is less, than it can be. It is the first reasons of conflict. The other reason arises at mismatch of nature of the person with nature of a trade; the third one is in inconsistent of the interplay in group, because the regularities of information exchange are not considered. In the nature this mismatch is resolved, is noticed by the person and is scientifically justified.

If we would pay attention to a person as to the basic instrument for reaching the improvement of the quality and effectiveness of work in workgroup we'll get rid of conflicts. The team will be conflict-free at definite selection of personnel in groups by the kvadra principle with taking into account natures of the people and relationships between them, that results in the most effective method of interplay and in high quality of fulfilling the tasks. The amount of the people in kvadra can be more than four, but there must be available people of all 4 definite socionic personality types. Each of them should fulfil the tasks depending on their abilities, which fit both their assigning and kind of operation, and in that case people will discharge their duties best of all.

The statistician testifies that practically the workers of staff departments or the managers select the people who are similar to them by their socionic personality types. Naturally, among such people there is an easy mutual understanding but such command is conservative and impossible to progress, for decides miscellaneous problems, which arise during production only one-sided, and some problems because of boundary of possibilities can not solve at all.

If there were workers of all 16 socionic personality types in definite organization according to the laws of mental compatibility and social directivity in a team such team will work productively, will react quickly and well accommodate for the new facts and demands of the time, will competitive capable.

The person is semi-self-sustained entity as he is only a part of society, introducing in socium his own representation of an actuality. The mentality of the person has 16 different methods of information processing, and each the separate person has only one of them. One method of information processing is unproductive. Force of mankind is in different types of mentality, in available of 16 socionic personality types, which organize a uniform system. Therefore the intellect of the separate person is only 1/16 of intellect of whole society. And a total unit is socion, groups of people, among whom there are persons of all 16 types. Socion is not only 16 definite types of intellect, but also 16 types of relationships, which are organized on the basis of objective exchange of information. It results in legible organization of mankind, in the development of the culture of communication and in social progress.

The people in socion are united in complementing couples: dyads, that give valuable realization of a potential of the person. Such dyads are 8.

The essence of socion nature of a man exhibits:
1) In an invariance of the person's world disposition and persistence of a socionic personality type;
2) In regularity of relationships (information interchanging).

The existence of a person as social entity requires interaction between the definite socionic personality types. In order such interaction to be successful it is necessary to know, with people of what personality types the harmonic relationships can be. There is only one harmonic relationship among 16 types of ones, which is called dual (complementing). It is impossible to be in a constant state of hoisting that includes activity, pleasure and balance without dual interplay.

The more people who are necessary for our mentality we have the deeper is our feeling of significance. The people of definite socionic personality types who are close in spirit make one kvadra. In socion there are 4 of them. Those who has a surrounding of the people from his kvadra has more possibilities to achieve success.

Each of 4 kvadra has their own style of activity and function in society and their own values:
1-st kvadra. The people who belong to the first kvadra are named programmators: they are the visionaries and theorists, who are capable to innovation, birth of absolutely new ideas, defend everything new. They can deeply absorbed in the mysteries of nature, they are engaged in propagation of some more unknowns of knowledge, defend everything new with revolutionary fervor.
Their values are: perspective possibilities, generation of new ideas, physical comfort, joyful emotions, theoretical constructing, abstract logic, freethinking, revolutionarity, denial of conventional values, priority of the personality before the state.
2-nd kvadra. People of the second kvadra are named coordinators: these are practicians, who know how to act quickly and resolutely, are capable to deposit new things to society, to realize all new ideas, have a strong-willed, vigorous potential, do not stop before encumbrances on their way. They know how to defend the human right, feel time and how it influences on a person and on the contrary.
Their values are: the particular logic, strong-willed methods, rigid order, drama emotions, priority of the states above the personality.
3-d kvadra. People of the third kvadra are named correctors: it is the sceptics, the adventurers, who are acute see deficiencies, expose everything to criticism, check up and disclaim impractical, release society from waste, but do not know what hereinafter to do in order to finish the product. They go on concessions skillfully and diplomatically, but thus keep the stands, feel as time influences on a substance and on the contrary.
Their values are: extreme thinking, scepticism, enterprise, flexibility, dynamism, pragmatism, and orientation to today, breaking down of impractical systems.
4-th kvadra. These people are practicians: they are the technologists, the aesthetes, who know what means perfection, implant practical things in life, demonstrate integrity of comfortable, harmonic relations, regularities of natural processes. They create stability, grant a sense of security.

Their values are: quality and aesthetics, honest transactions, human capacities and talents, morals, love, nearing to true, following to the laws of the nature.

There is also inner kvadra's specialization. The person of definite socionic personality type such as in anyone kvadra does his own tasks. In each kvadra there is a programmator, a coordinator, a corrector, a practician. The programmator is a leader who generates ideas, gives directions of their realization and task to other members of kvadra. The coordinator organizes, improves intercommunications in group, increases their quality and reliability, samples and demonstrates viable ideas. The corrector disclaims superfluous, adjusts and grinds introduced ideas, gathers, completes and distributes the information. Practicians perfect and prepare for realization the created product.

The social progress takes place by series transmission of social important tasks from one kvadra to the other. The scientific society's organization under the laws of socionics will enable to solve public, economical and political problems, and some of them will naturally disappear.

At the present stage of development the mankind has appeared before a problem of life, which shows that a result of evolution of mankind is a total crisis of existence, which concerns both internal world and environment. The people despite all progressing of medicine can not save of illnesses, and such fatal illnesses, as cancer and aids have appeared rather recently. The reasons of these deseases are in mental disorder. The consumer psychology shatters not only nature, it shatters the personality, cultivating such qualities, as greed and aggressiveness, person becomes bore of live, he loses thirst for life and its sense. It is known that process of sufficing of material needs is infinite, therefore, how many the person would gain, he can not be satisfied, becoming keen on process of consumption, he appears before a face of internal emptiness and disappointment, that results in aggression out: criminality, or internal aggression: depressions, suicides.

These negative emotions appear subconsciously in incompatible relationships. The absence of understanding course the soul pain, mentality bears a grudge, and person isolates, transfer the offence on everybody. It is not the guilt of people; it is their ignorance of laws of mental complementing.

Therefore, we are in an epicenter of crisis of the modern person, and we have in a reserve not so much time, but there is a real possibility, and person has force to affirm himself anew and to convert technological society, which cultivates and stimulates psychology of the consumer on human society with psychology of a productive work, where the person will realize his potential, returning himself to favorite job, becomes active, happy, having inspiration and thirst for life, will feel the master of own destiny, free in an own choice. Having healthy spirit, he will have a healthy body. Dual couples will have harmony in their relationships and spread positive emotions on the others. The progress of society depends on quantity of dual couples and socion organization of it.

These positive changes will hold at an observance of the laws of socionics, which enable the person to elect the occupation, to make dual family due to the laws of mental compatibility. The conflict-free family and conflict-free life will lead to harmony of an internal world, to reasonable consumption, the wearisome rapid motion for material assets will vanish, there will be a necessity in progressing and heyday of spiritual sphere. And the person will cherish both internal world and surrounding. The mentality becomes healthy and the nature will improved.

Every person has the need to live a happy life and work productively. This also influences the development of the whole society, as if  people can solve their own problems, they also can solve more global problems. It will also be possible to solve such problems as depression, aggressiveness, greed, feeling of inner emptiness, which can lead to crime or suicide.

There is a law "of mirror": the more positive emotions and thoughts we have the more we give ourselves up to the others, the better realize ourselves the more good, happiness and health we will have get from positive space energy. There is also a law of a boomerang: All negative emotions, which we exude, come back to us twice the strength. However, it is not the peoples fault that they have these negative emotions, as the reason for this is misunderstanding because of uncomfortable relationships. Only complementary relationships can stimulate positive emotions, harmony, inner peace and self-confidence. Life without conflicts will lead to inner harmony, and this will improve mental health as well as the environment, reduce illnesses.

Therefore, the more love we give the more it blossoms in our soul. The more good we bear to a world, the more kindly and calm we become. The more intensive we realize ourselves in productive and useful work the more our talents are blossom, and we receive inexpressible satisfaction from pleasure of creativity.

Thus total evil will change naturally on total kindness, all processes in a world will be transformed: will come from destructive to life-asserting ones, and the mankind will make a step to the Golden century. Transferring to the Golden century is objective process in the nature, and we bear the full responsibility for it realization. To do this, it is necessary to change the society from democratic to scientifically organized one. As Cherchill once mentioned, Democracy is not the best way of social organization, but we dont know a better one. The alternative is the socionics, which discovered the idea of socion, scientifically organized society according to natural laws of interpersonal relationships. The time comes to move from ignoring natural laws to complying with them to live in harmony with ourselves and the world.

If this idea is not realized, it will be soon forgotten and thus the quality information exchange will be slowed down and personal development will lack the appropriate quality. It is already known that there are a lot of new technologies, which are not widely realized, and it is the society who suffers most.

Such researchers are necessary in sanitation of economy and social life and it is a critical need to advance them, but Ukraine is so poor and conservative, has so many economic problems, that it is almost impossible to establish them here. The Western countries are progressive and it is known that most of new ideas and know-how come to life there.

We will interest businessmen through informational letters and make a seminar. During the seminars there will be appeared people who want us to work with their organization. We will investigate the team, reveal the accordance of every worker to his occupation and relationships within a group. We will show how correctly the staff is arranged and discover the reasons of successes or failures. Besides this we will deliver lectures and organize the faculties in studying socionics and granting practical skills in defining socionic personality types to make real specialists.These faculties will continue work under our program and we will maintain connections and offer help in studying and preparing experts-socionics after we will have left your country for Ukraine.

Principals and managers of personnel using a Program of Scientific Selection of Staff will choose workers whose inherent abilities will fit their work and full realized, form compatible and as a result a conflict-free effective workgroups. It will lead to sanitation of economy and harmonization of society.

People need new knowledge and know-how to survive in such crisis times and it is high time to introduce them. We are a patriots and we want the Ukraine to be known in the world not as a poor, full of problem country but as the high-developed harmonized society. We want to help Ukraine to come to new, progressing and quality stage of development, to make life of people of every country more harmonious, happy and interesting.

It is a high time to spread these knowledge and know-hows. Time does not wait.

From 1994 we try to convince different organizations and government in use of socionic know-how but it costs great efforts to shatter our stagnant, bureaucratic, conservative system. We can work for progress and know what to do and how to do. We strive for wide activity with great results. We hope our efforts will give all possibilities to realize our aims.

Defining the socionic personality types of everybody who will wish it we will wide the Ukrainian Socionic Database for profit of your country in looking for partners for life and business.

Having new practice and new image we hope the matter of our life will spread faster in the Ukraine and we will can do our matter without obstacles and make our own contribution to make our country reach higher level of development. 



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