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Harmonious Family is Our Health, the Highest Satisfaction and Happiness

There is a concept of family as group of close people, the husband and the wife, parents and children who live together. But it not a full understanding. The family has much wider value: it is cohesion of souls, spiritual relationship, a warm microclimate, morals, friendship. It is an association of interests and a generality in all affairs when everyone itself without expectations join in every work, not shifting a burden on another. There are kind, warm, pleasant relations on the basis of mutual attachment and devotion.

Socionics is the unique science about the person which helps everyone to solve family problems. Adhering to its laws it is possible to create dual family, which is strong, harmonious, happy, where there are no problems in mutual understanding among all its members.

If the family is already created, and there are discontents and a problems in it, but the spouse do not want to solve they by extreme method - divorce, our experts can give consultation after disclosing interpersonal relationships and give services concerning correction of relationships in written or in the oral form.

The certain natural relationships arise between all members of family, and for their revealing it is necessary to determine their socionic personality types and relationships between them. Our experts have experience in such work. People who are not familiar with laws of socionics, addressing to us, are surprised by accuracy of coincidence of the description of relationships with those real which exist in life, you see observers of their interactions were not!

It is possible to correct relationships, but there are not enough recommendations of experts for this purpose. Daily work on themselves of both partners to keep the given installations and instructions is necessary. At aspiration of conflict-free life, in constant efforts of will, patience and persistence people receive the certain desirable results. But full harmony and that pleasure which naturally arise in dual families, they can not reach nevertheless.

The person is used to good and bad, in bad he perishes, and in good he blossoms! Sometimes divorce is a uniform exit from an intolerable situation in which there are parents and children because of family disorders. Together with families suffers both a society: it is irritation and aggression, alcoholism and narcotism, criminality and problems of “difficult children” through the broken destinies and spiritual wounds. In order to not allowed all these, families should be only dual.

People who do not know socionics, search for the reason of discomfortable relations in lacks of character of the partner, trying to change him, or are engaged in frustrations, and thus aggravate a situation even more strongly. It is proved by science and confirmed by practice, that natural relationships are the natural phenomenon, they arise from interactions of partners, i.e. their mentalities, everything depends on what socionic personality type have both from birth. This type does not change during life. Surrounding in which there is a person, changes character traits, but not a socionic personality type. And just unsuccessful families, unfortunately, worsen character, but in dual families people become kinder, more sympathetic, more cheerful.

So, natural relationships can be predicted. All relationships are pleasant at first, and are shown in full force, injuring mentality of both partners, only eventually at closer interactions, in particular in family.

If you do not want to suffer in the future, to spoil your life and life of your children, it is necessary to marry only with a mentally supplementing partner - dual. Dual is the best friend who will understand wholly, support, and renders the effective, necessary help. It is always cosy, pleasant, interesting with a dual, everyone feels like itself: easy, unchained, freely, there is no need to adapt to another. Dual is yours half, which always does not suffice, which everyone searches.

By the way, in dual families children always are born dual is the proved law: the boy has type of the father, and the girl – the type of mother. Children are easily brought up and trained in dual families, receive all necessary vital information. In other, incompatible families children are deprived of such attention.


Who wants happiness to itself and thinks about children, address to Centre of Socionics where experts will help you in searching of duals. There is an information about people who look for you too. You may address with familiars to find out, how will develop relationships between you to protect yourselves from troubles and sufferings.

For the help in creation of harmonious family there are offered:
- The characteristic of supplementing person;
- Disclosing essence of dual relationships;
- Training to determine your dual on appearance;
- Coordinates of supplementing partners.

Childless families which are going to take a child from Children's home, address to us to avoid the future troubles of discomfortable relationships. Having determined the socionic personality type, you will know, child of what personality type it is better to choose. It has no value, whether your pair is dual, it is possible to pick up the child of such type which will be dual or identical to one of you.




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