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Socion: Dyads, Kvadras and Social Progress

Perception and comprehension by mentality of the person of the information about an exterior world is indispensable living condition and sufficings of own needs. The person is semi-self-sustained entity as he is only a part of society, introducing in socium his own representation of an actuality. The mentality of the person has 16 different methods of information processing, and each the separate person has only one of them. One method of information processing is unproductive. Force of mankind is in different types of mentality, in available of 16 socionic personality types, which organize a uniform system.

Therefore the intellect of the separate person is only 1/16 of intellect of whole society. And a total unit is socion, a group of people, among whom there are persons of all 16 types. Socion is not only 16 definite types of intellect, but also 16 types of relationships, which are organized on the basis of objective exchange of information. It results in legible organization of mankind, in the development of the culture of communication and in social progress.

The people in socion are united in complementing couples: dyads, that gives valuable realization of a potential of the person. Such dyads are 8.

The essence of socion nature of a man is exhibited:
1) In an invariance of the person's world disposition and persistence of a socionic personality type;
2) In regularity of relationships (information interchanging).

The existence of a person as social entity requires interaction between the definite socionic personality types. In order such interaction to be successful it is necessary to know, with people of what socionic personality types the harmonic relationships can be.

There is only one harmonic relationship among 16 types of ones, which is called dual (complementing). It is impossible to be in a constant state of hoisting, that includes activity, pleasure and balance without dual interplays. In all times each searched and searches his “half” - the person, who could defend, help, understand - to supplement. Richard Bach has pronounced it in such way: "Do you feel being among the people a pain, that you have lost someone very native and indispensable for you, and you are tormented by melancholy in looking for him?" The aspiring to duality lives in each person. This eternal aiming was poured out in a poetic image created by Maryna Tsvetaeva:

As the right and left-hand arm -
Your soul is so close to mine.
We are together in a state of bliss,
As the right and left-hand wings.

There are people, who lead the social active life, there are also such of them who are little interested in public problems, but those and others feel the accessory and usefulness to society. The more people who are necessary for our mentality we have the more deep is our feeling of significance. The people of definite socionic types who are close in spirit make one kvadra. In socion there are 4 of them. Those who has a surrounding of the people from his kvadra has more possibilities to achieve success.

Each of 4 kvadra has their own style of activity and function in society, their own values:

1 kvadra. The people who belong to the first kvadra are named programmators: it is the visionaries and theorists, who are capable to innovation, birth of absolutely new ideas, defend everything new. They can deeply absorbed in the mysteries of nature, they are engaged in propagation of some more unknowns of knowledge, defend everything new with revolutionary fervour.

Their values are: perspective possibilities, generation of new ideas, physical comfort, joyful emotions, theoretical constructings, abstract logic, free-thinking, revolutionarity, denial of conventional values, priority of the personalities before the state.

2- kvadra. People of the second kvadra are named coordinators: these are practics, who know how to act quickly and resolutely, are capable to deposit new things to society, to realise all new ideas, have a strong-willed, vigorous potential, do not stop before encumbrances on their way. They know how to defend the human right, feel time and how it influences on a person and on the contrary.

Their values are: the particular logic, strong-willed methods, rigid order, drama emotions, priority the states above the personality.

3- kvadra. People of the third kvadra are named correctors: it is the sceptics, the adventurers, who are acute see deficiencies, expose everything to criticism, check up and disclaim impractical, release society from waste, but do not know what hereinafter to do in order to finish the derivated product. Skilfully, diplomatically go on concessions, but thus keep the stands, feel as time influences on a substance and on the contrary.

Their values are: extreme thinking, scepticism, enterprise, flexibility, dynamism, pragmatism, orientation to today, breaking down of impractical systems.

4- kvadra. These people are practicals: it is the technologists, the aesthetes, who know what means perfection, implant practical things in life, demonstrate integrity of comfortable, harmonic relations, regularities of natural processes. Create stability, grant a sense of security.

Their values are: quality and aesthetics, honest transactions, human capacities and talents, morals, love, nearing to true, following to the laws of the nature.

There is also inner kvadra's specialization. The person of definite socionic personality type such as in anyone kvadra do his own tasks. In each kvadra there is programmator, a coordinator, corrector, practic. Programmator is a leader who generates ideas, gives directions of their realization and task to other members of kvadra. The coordinator organizes, improves intercommunications in collective, increases their quality and reliability, samples and demonstrates viable ideas. The corrector disclaims superfluous, adjusts and grinds introduced ideas, gathers, completes and distributes the information. Practics perfect and prepare for realization the created product.

1 kvadra "ALPHA" -

Programmator - intuitively - logical extravert ILE (ENTP)
The coordinator - sensory-ethical introvert SEI (ISFP)
Corrector - logic - intuitive introvert LII (INTJ)
Practic - ethic - sensory extravert ESE (ESFJ)

2 kvadra "BETA"

Programmator - ethic - intuitive extravert EIE (ENFJ)
The coordinator - logic - sensory introvert LSI(ISTJ)
Corrector - intuitively - ethical introvert IEI (INFP)
Practic - sensory - logical extravert SLE (ESTP)

3 kvadra "GAMMA"

Programmator - logic -intuitive extravert LIE (ENTJ)
The coordinator - ethic -sensory introvert ESI (ISFJ)
Corrector - intuitively - logical introvert ILI (INTP)
Practic - sensory - ethical extravert SEE (ESFP)

4 kvadra "“DELTA"

Programmator - intuitively - ethical extravert IEE (ENFP)
The coordinator - sensory - logical introvert SLI (ISTP)
Corrector - ethic - intuitive introvert EII (INFJ)
Practic - logic - sensory extravert LSE (ESTJ)

The social progress takes place by series transmission of social important tasks from one kvadra to the other. The scientific society's organization under the laws of socionics will enable to decide public, economical and political problems, and some of them will naturaly disappear. 



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