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A Socionic Personality Type

The socionic personality type is a mentally information genetic code of a person given from birth and invariable during life. It is an own internal world conditioned by objective developments of consciousness and a subconscious mind.

The knowledge of a socionic personality type opens a way to ourselves, gives a possibility to see ourselves from the side, to clear up and to direct ourselves. The force of a socionic type is in understanding the own qualities, in comprehension of reasons and forecasting of consequences of the actions: it means we can percept any situation orderly, can choose the most optimal solutions from all possible. The person does not yield to the exterior factors, any influencing is worked up and due to this the personal independence remains deposited.

There are no bad and good types of the people, all of them are vitally indispensable to society, each has the unique view on a world and, unfortunately, it is impossible to see a world by eyes of the person of other socionic personality type, at least completely, though it is possible to know, how the other perceives any event or situation.

The person has a harmonious internal system, and the socionic type demonstrates directivity of activity of mentality. The person accepts the information from an exterior world integratedly, but the information from the person for society is only 1/16 part, because he refines it only by a 1/16 part of mentality. Therefore. the socionic personality type is given to the person for implementation of definite tasks in socion, first of all for realization of himself, and also join all 16 parts in the harmonious whole. That is why there is a tendency of the person to the person not only because of difference of a gender, but also because of related qualities of nature.

The knowledge of a socionic personality type influences positively a state of a person: the mental orientation and patience, keenness and goodwill appear, the person becomes interesting in communication and sure under any circumstances, precisely knows, what matter will bring him satisfaction and benefit, therefore there is no problem of a choice of a trade for him. And the most important is an arising of desire to create and to be necessary.

The person perceives the world more deeply. He does not limitate only by his own possibilities but uses the conclusions and estimations of surroundings, knowing for certain in what problems who orients better. Everything the person thinks, demonstrates and creates according to qualities of his socionic personality type is correct and costs to embody it in life.

Knowledge of socionic personality stype is a consent with yourself, internal organizasion and independence in a solution of the personal matters. As a person can control himself, he tends to organization and comfort among the surrounding, therefore regulates the necessary spacing interval in relationships: he knows whom in definite cases to communicate with, and can do it conscientiously as well as automatically. The mentality helps the person. The communication of mentality with understanding is adjusted. Therefore the necessity in a surrounding yourself by the people who are necessary for quality information exchange is carried out without superfluous efforts.

The basis of information exchange are definite mental signs which a socionic personality type consists of: rationality, irrationality, extravercy, introvercy, ethic, logic, intuitivity, sensory. The indicated qualities are in a name of a socionic personality type of the definite person. For example, Intuitively - logical extravert or Logic-intuitive extravert. If ethic or logic is indicated at the first sign the person is rational, if intuitivity or sensory is at the first sign - the person is irrational. These signs uncover in the person his method of thinking, inherent temperament, emotional state, self-rating, directivity to a trade. Knowing them it is possible to determine mental compatibility (duality) between the people. It is possible to forecast a socionic personality type before birth of the child only in dual and indentity couples.

The knowledge of a socionic personality type is vitally necessary for the person, and the definition of it is the great responsibility. The improper definition results in awful consequences: shatters mentality, disorients the person, influences destructively the behavior, state of health, results in inadequate perception both in attitude to yourself and surrounding. It can be compared with a case of error removal patient's healthy organ instead of a swelling, when the illness starts to progress with the greater force. It is better do not know a socionic personality type than determine it wrongly. It is not desirable to determine a socionic personality type independently as it is the high possibity of an error. It is necessary to refer to the specialists.  

Each person independently searches for his own way in saturated of different adventures life. Whether will be bitter to us to look back having lived the life in an intolerable surrounding created with own hands? It is painful to think that it is necessary to die and not having received pleasant feelings. Nearings old age are also afraid. Pavor before old age is a feel that our life is lived in vain, it is reacting of our conscience to distorting ourseves. However many examples testify that those who lived productively, creatively in youth, in old age are not less vigorous, their spiritual and emotional qualities even prolong to be improved. What do we wish to each person and to ourselves? Happiness. When we feel ourselves happy we are sanitated by own internal energy. The person who settles his mind positively attracts others but negativeness spurns even a dual, the person, who is capable to understand as us anybody other.

Aristotel and Spinoza understood happiness as maximal realization of forces and capacities. We feel ourselves happy when realize the natural potential with aspiration, keeping integrity and sovereignty of own personality.

We feel rapidity of life and consequently we appreciate its originality. In minutes of meditations who did not ask himself a questions: "Who am I?", "What can I do, and what I am not capable to do?", "What for I live?", "How to choose the way in life?". Each person aspires to find himself, to become himself and to do his matter. It is the main problem in life to open own forces and possibilities, which are given by nature. To achieve happiness due to usage of the possibilities it is possible only by realization of individuality, having formed and having improved the personality.



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