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Structure of Mentality

The person from birth has all qualities, which are necessary for life  and have their characteristics, each of which set the definite place and define it essence. It allows to be organicaly bound with the nature and to be able to function for survival in any conditions, to solve problems. The person has enough freedom to resist, to not make an error in difficult minute. If you will know yourself you will know how to behave, will find the most optimal solution in any situation.

The mentality has strengths - the basic sides, and weak sides – auxiliary ones. Therefore it is necessary to know your socionic personality type to know, what mental qualities are the basic and what of them are only auxiliary, and react correctly in all life situations, using only strong sides, and to concern attentively to weak ones to accumulate the necessary information for normal behaviour.

Each quality is a part of the structure of mentality. These qualities are shortly depicted separately.

Rationality and irrationality are two different methods of operatings and two different reactings to variations in an environment. Irrational types are motivated into activity by the changes in a situation. Rationality ones are motivated into activity by their decisions.

Extravertion and introvertion are two different methods of perception and working up an information from an environment and accordingly they are two different methods of reacting on identical circumstances. Extraverts are directed towards the objective world whereas introverts are directed towards the subjective world and relationships.

These 4 qualities make a pivot, basis of mentality.

Logic (thinking) and ethic (feeling), sensory (sensing) and intuition construct a frame of mental structure of a person, are individual characteristic qualities, the result of development which influences mood, emotions, thinking.

The socionic personality type define the set of definite qualities in a person, which are inborned.

Temperament is an integral part of each socionic personality type such which is also innate and invariable. Mental processes, such as: emotional, willed, cognitive (perception, imagination, method of remembering) are formed depending on a socionic personality type. Mental condition (activity, passivity, fatigability, excitement, irritation) and self-rating depend on environment, in which the person is.

The information about an internal state and exterior world reflected by mentality is worked up by a brain through process of thinking due to a reason, concept, opinion. The brain perceives, interpretes the information from an environment, compares to the internal program of mentality depending on a socionic personality type. The result is reverted to mentality. Thus there is a process, which can be compared to operation of an operator on a computer: mentality is an operator, brain is a computer.

Symbols of mental qualities according to structure of mentality on model of Aushra Augustinavichute are: sensory - S, intuitive - I, ethic - E, logic - L, extravert - E introvert - I.

Conventional signs of types according to typology on the Mayers-Briggs Detecting Instrument of types: rational - J (Judging), irrational - P (Perceiving), extravert - Е (Extravert), интроверт - I (Introvert), logical - Т (Thinking), ethical - F (Feeling), intuitive - N (Intuitive), sensory - S (Sensing). 



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