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The Theory

The principles of socionics

The evolution of Socionics

Socionics and its possibility
Applying the laws of Socionics we are given new real possibilities. Each of us can be helped in finding our way in life and finding happiness. We find new approaches to social problems thus harmonizing our whole society.

Benefit of socionics
Socionics can help each person determine their place in life, avoid superfluous problems in family and at work, solve vital problems in themselves and their actions, understand and to learn about life more deeply and throuroughly, uncover hidden motives of human actions, forecast people's behavior, foresee development of relationships, discover own qualities and possibilities as well as those of the others.

Structure of mentality
The human mind has strengths arranged in a hierarchy - the basic sides, weak sides and auxiliary sides to our personalities. Therefore it is necessary to know your socionic personality type in order to know which mental qualities are the main ones and which are only auxiliary. This will help react correctly in all life situations, using strong sides, and to concern attentively to weak ones to accumulate the necessary information for right behaviour.

Socionic personality type
The meaning of socionic personality type, the power of knowing it and understanding the person's qualities, in understanding the reasons behind actions and forecast consequences. This knowledge means that we can percept any situation correctly and can choose the most optimal solutions from all the possibilities.

Relationships with other people
Relationships have natural laws and are predictable. Knowing this laws results in favourable organization of the society, in the development of the culture of cooperative communication and hence in social progress.

Difficulties in understanding between people. Lack of knowledge of one's own individual qualities as well as the qualities of the others always result in misunderstanding, dipping the person in the gloom of loneliness.

Relations of duality
The description of the most harmonious relationship which is the only one among the 16 that is recomended for family life.

Darling or dual
The essence of love, reasons why relatioships don't work out and the nature of intimacy in dual couples.

Family and children
The family microclimat in dual and other families and how it influences children. If people in families have human (dual) relationships, it provides more secure and human world around us.

The soul of the Ukrainian nation
Ethnosocionics reveals the mentality of each nation. Description and demonstration of Ukrainian mentality.

Characteristic of ethic-intuitive introvert (EII, INFJ)

The scientific organization of people into certain groups which leads to social progress. The people in socion are united in complementing groups, which have their own style of working and functioning within the society and gives valuable realization of the person's potential.

The principles of socion organization of any group: from family to government. Such organization provides effective conflict-free groups.

Whom to elect on the managing position
The choice of a person on the managing position is a very responsible one. Socionics worns: to achieve success, the managing position should only be given to an extravert.

Learn about yourself and find out how well you are applying your strengths.

Themes of lectures which are offered to give at schools, Universities and other research organizations. There are also offered two reports with reseach proposals on theme:
“Reformation of Educational System”
“Human Resources Management in Businesses”

Summaries of three books of a series “Socionics about the  person”. Advertising space within the books and wholesale orders. Competition of reviewers on the textbook “ Theoretical Socionics”



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