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To Bring Up the Child – it Means to Open His Inclinations and to Direct in Life

Starting to education, we, adults, have got used to take up a special role of command, dominations and the superiority over children, losing sincerity, a spontaneity and ease of perception of life, - those displays, those qualities which children wait from us with impatience, but not a cruelty, roughness and malice.

Let's try to understand, what is the essence of education, and what for we do it? And whether there is a necessity to bring up? Whether we have the right with violent diminished responsibility, importunity and persistence to impose to children and youth our outlook, estimations, positions, own sights, or not suitable to life installations, norms, or numbed manners, habits? Whether it is necessary to try to impart habits, rules of behaviour to watch children and to direct them at own discretion?

We want our children to be happy, healthy, have achieved success, have lived life interestingly and substantially, better than their parents. We are ready to make for this purpose everything possible and even impossible. We try to bring them up correctly, give them prestigious education, we create conditions for improvement of their health, we help to create for them their own family. But everyone makes it, proceeding from personal reasons on the basis of own life experience and values. Thus desires of the child are not always taken into account, and, maybe, someone would like to take into account them and to direct the child according to his inclinations and abilities, but does not know them. Our experts can make it on a scientific basis already in the age of since three years.

All potential opportunities are already incorporated in the person from his birth and are found out through disclosing of a mentally informational genetic code. The child is born already with the certain inclinations, has the features of mentality and character to change which during life it is impossible. And by means of education it is possible even to deform mentality of the child and to complicate his life, if to demand from him such decisions and actions which do not fit his natural qualities. Therefore it is necessary to not punish and press on the child, to not demand that would be desirable for parents, but direct correctly the child according to his natural inclinations, to help him to realize them, to be natural and freely display himself, that is why to grow sure in own forces and independent, to become the personality who knows himself, what he wants and how to achieve it.

Education is management of process of formation of the person. Thus it is not that management where the rigid manipulation the child and his humility of the teacher’s will takes place, but creation of favorable conditions for an all-around development of the person. Such conditions are: development of strong qualities of socionic personality type and formation of the appropriate positive character traits. Congenital character and social character differs. Congenital character is essence of mentality which contents is opened by socionic personality type, and social character are the acquired features in dependence both on influence of social environment and on natural mental essence. The socionic personality type imposes the certain restrictions on formation of character, one features can be developed boundlessly, the others - only to the certain border, developing the certain norms.

Experts of Centre of Socionics can open prominent features, the strong and weak sides, give the recommendation for realization of strengths and protection weak sides, how to bring up correctly and direct the child, not injuring him, and completely opening his abilities, talents and opportunities. At disclosing early vocational guidance kinds of activity to which the child is declined are offered. It gives knowledge in a subject orientation at a choice of clubs, school subjects. Having bought on your choice the characteristic, you can learn subtleties of character of the child in the early childhood. And it will give you knowledge, how to behave with him better to not injure him, what it is possible to demand from him and what is not. Having opened congenital qualities of the child, our experts give the recommendation for education how to not re-educate and oppress the child but to direct him according to his nature.

Natural relationships between parents and the child and any of parents influence also on development of the child. The attitude of the child to parents, his perception what is told him, reaction on what is demand from him depends on these relationships. Knowing subtleties of relationships, it is possible to find a way to the child, to influence him indirectly to make him understand you better and react correctly. Having determined the socionic personality types of members of family, it is possible to disclose relationships between them and to give the recommendation for adjustment of mutual understanding.

Education as it is accepted to perceive it is not meaningful, such education is not for the benefit, but rather for the detriment of development and becoming of the personality, its realization in life. There is a knowledge of natural laws which is necessary to take into account and adhere to them, and to show worthy behaviour by own example. Parents, relatives, or extraneous people must have skill to direct thoughts and actions of children in such way to give them the effective checked up information and knowledge to be an example in displays itself, in their behaviour, acts.



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