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Ukrainian Centre of Socionics for Protection and Strengthenings of Health

Pleasant mood and state of health, internal pleasure and desire to be active, emotional rise and inspiration to creativity it is possible to identify with a healthy condition of the person. But whether always the person can have such set of versatilly picturesque psychological qualities and be in this condition at any time? In general, it is not difficult, and there no any secrets in achieving harmony of soul now, in particular since to the aid of the person the science socionics has come.

Caring about the health, we address to doctors, and they help to remove consequences of illnesses. And have we reflected, where there are their reasons? Viruses, bacteria, ecology… But people are in the identical environment, but not everyone sick. Immunity, they say, is different. But what is immunity of different people defined by? Is it incorporated from birth? There are no such researches. But there are scientific results, that immunity depends on that whom we communicate and live with, influence of relations and self-realization of the person. It proves to be true by practical observations.

What is the self-realization? It is work in pleasure when there is an opportunity to realize the talents to carry out own essence in desirable business. And other kinds of activity exhaust an organism, undermine health and reduce life. These are those kinds where it is required using the weak sides of mentality. In that case we feel like weakened, we start to be sick, and it is not surprising. You see strengths on which the greatest stream of energy turns out, become blocked, and uncommon forces and strain are necessary to use weak power of the weak sides. And then the person feels, that his life is difficult, consider himself the loser as has only troubles - dreams do not come true, talents are not realized, deep apathy, or irritation and frustration which poison soul covers him. And as it is surprising at first sight, but among such people there are a lot of active, up to fanaticism, supporters of "a healthy way of life", nonconventional methods of increase of power etc.

Recently the widespread phenomenon became hobby of people for power: its quality and quantity. One can often hear: "I have got tired so much, probably, I have weak power". But everything depends on that how the person disposes of his energy and if they say: "the vigorous person" it means only that such person lives and operates his strength sides of mentality.

People cooperate among themselves due to information interchange and with the help of mental energy. Everyone wants to have a plenty of energy and to not think of whom and how to behave with, to not reflect, who and how influence us. It is necessary to live so that at our presence it became pleasant and comfortable both for others and us. It is checked up by life experience and it is possible to achieve it only at realization of strengths. Any displays of the weak sides disturb and exhaust the person and are unpleasant to others.

And if the person is mould on the contrary to the natural data then it is impossible to achieve qualitative use of mental energy, and the person has no forces to act, as a complete organism, the part of mental energy will be switched off. Unfortunately, there are seldom such people in which the power operates harmoniously. Therefore there is sharply a problem of public health services.

And try to imagine, what violent sums of money are thrown out "on a wind", for manufacture of medical preparations and equipment, a payment medical and support personnel - experts of different structures, clerks, officials of average and supreme steps, for the decision of ecological, narcological, mental, oncological problems, problems of a narcotism etc. How many hospitals, clinics, sanatoria are necessary to finance. But it is simply enough to settle a society, begining from dual families. And also to determine socionic types of children in kindergatens, elementary school, and in general all people for their benefit.

What is the dual family? It is the most harmonious family when parents supplement each other and children, naturally, too. It is conflictfree family, members of which have proof immunity and sanitate from pleasure of dialogue.

Our observations over people up to dualization and then, when they have met and have married with duals, have shown, that both were really improved, and their immunity system has strenghened. The employee of Centre of Socionics suffered on often respiratory diseases, and after wedding with a dual his state of health was leveled, colds less disturb him. Besides there were cardinal changes in him: he became more sure, more vigorously has grown up and became brave. He has improved in a complex.

The other dual pair: both became more counterbalanced, quiet, soft, cheerful, vigorous, due to duality has grown also their work capacity.

Observance of laws of socionics results in improvement of the person both on mental, and at a physical level (each person of certain socionic type has by nature potential illnesses, weak places which are shown when he is not dualized).

At strong physical health the person can have internal problems of the oppressed mental condition. If partners supplement each other, such condition does not happen. Duality sanitates due to positive mutual exchange of energy. Selection of dual pairs and a complete set of groups according to socionic laws of interactions (on kvadras) lifts power of group, and not only work capacity raises, but all members of such groups are improved.

Use of laws of socionics deprives the person of neurosises, psychoses, depressions, because of conflicts from which illnesses of all organism begin. People which have felt on itself their force are convinced of it. Besides socionics expands methods deep mental analysis, allows to carry out therapy of some mental dissonances more effectively. For example, in the field of narcology are developed and are used effective socionic methods of work with patients which give good results.

In USA is experimentally proved that performance of work which is pleasant, deprives illnesses. Improvement of the person on the basis of knowledge of his features and skill to use the congenital potential at a correct choice of a trade, and also the help in search of mentally compatible partners will harmonize their mentality due to a natural information and power exchange and effective self-realization.

Centre of Socionics has experience of cooperation with medical institutions. Among our partners there are some organizations with which the agreement on participation in activity of the Centre "Improvement" is achieved Among them there are Ukrainian medical-social welfare fund "Saliutis" created in 1997 to which primary goals enter organizational and material-financial support of patients with social-dangerous infectious diseases, improvement of their conditions of treatment, maintenance with medicines, products, creation of the rahabilitation centres for patients on AIDS, a tuberculosis and other infectious diseases. We also cooperate with the Kiev Interdistrict City Central antitubercular clinic.

In a basis of cooperation of Fund and the Clinic with our Enterprise contracts lay. From our part we assist concerning selection of the personnel, revealing of an orientation on a concrete kind of activity, applying knowledge of socionic laws of mental compatibility.

There is a Service of preventive maintenance of a mental and physical condition of the person in the Centre "Sanitation" where rest in groups of mental compatibility is carried out, and also treatment and observation over a physical condition of our clients which is carried out by experts, as their natural abilities answer the elected speciality. They are the true professionals - doctors stomatologists, urologists, surgeons, lung specialists. We offer to determine the socionic type to other experts from all areas of medicine to know, whether your trade and work is chosen correctly, to join our business. We select mentally compatible experts to groups of mental compatibility.

It is revealed, that selection of people of the certain personality types enables to do more effective group psychotherapy, and selection of patients in chambers on groups with comfortable relations considerably (in 1,3 - 2 times) are reduced the time of stay of patients in a hospital (during treatment or after operations) due to favorable informational and a power exchange. At the same time adverse relations result in an aggravation chronic, or to occurrence new mental diseases.

We offer cooperation with reliable partners concerning the organization of research work for definition of law of possible illnesses at people of certain socionic personality types. Association with experts genetics for an establishment of interrelation between the genic information and socionic personality type is desirable. For this purpose it is necessary to determine socionic personality types of those patients whose genic structure is investigated and to bring the data in the Ukrainian Socionic Database where the information is kept not only about the certain person but as the person with congenital inclinations.

At the consent with our offer for realization of diagnostics it is necessary to create the following conditions:
1. To give a working room.
2  To appoint the responsible person for the organization of a direction of patients to definition of socionic personality type.
3. To assist in advertising for wider use of Socionic Datbase and distribution of socionics in a society.
4. To propagandize expediency of socionics with the purpose of training medical workers to definition of socionic personality types.

We offer to expand the Centre "Sanitation" and to create sanatorium of mental compatibility.

We can solve such problems: 


Ways of the decision

Methods of work

1. Sanitation at a mental and physical level


Selection of dual pairs (Database)

2. Harmonization of groups

Formation of groups

The program of scientific selection of staff (PSSS)

3. Vocational guidance

Direction on kinds of activity, the characteristic of professional ability

Programm of Scientific Selection of Staff, Socionic Database

4. Expansion of the Centre of "Sanitation"


Expansion of staff of doctors-experts

5. Construction and a complete set by the staff of sanatorium of mental improvement on the basis of selection of groups agree to natural laws of comfortable interactions

Material aid and support

The organization of construction in territory which is already exist

6. Connection between genic structure and socionic personality type

Cooperation with experts-genetics

Scientific researches

Socionic Database

We offer to workers of Ohmadet, in particular firms "ISIDA" to determine socionic personality types of parents of the future embryo for conception of the child by a test-tube method to give an opportunity to bring up the dual child.

Let's unite our efforts for strengthening health of people



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